Monthly Blog

We’ve made the move from a quarterly newsletter to a monthly blog.  We hope you will enjoy these brief, more frequent updates on the world of community engagement at Bates.

Mobilizing for the Midterm Elections

The tally board posted in the Dining Commons on election night told...

By Kristen Cloutier on November 26, 2018

A Harward Center Harvest

On a cold and windswept day in mid-October, many Bates students are...

By Kristen Cloutier on October 29, 2018

Why do some Bates students choose to stay in the Lewiston/Auburn area after they graduate?

We asked three alums from different Bates generations to reflect on these...

By Kristen Cloutier on September 6, 2018

Summer fellowships in Lewiston create a deeper sense of community

On a recent Wednesday evening, nine students who are living and working...

By Kristen Cloutier on July 10, 2018

Bates students take on food insecurity, tobacco use at Blake Street Towers

For more than a decade, teams of Bates students have been spending...

By Kristen Cloutier on June 5, 2018

Reflections of a Senior Bonner Leader

Here at the Harward Center, one of the first signs of spring...

By Kristen Cloutier on May 11, 2018