Electoral Engagement Moments

Electoral Engagement Moments are ideas for faculty to consider incorporating into their Fall 2020 courses and advising. For more information or conversation, please contact Peggy Rotundo at the Harward Center.

Electoral Engagement Moment #1:
Put Election Day — Tuesday, November 3rd — on your syllabus.
The college years are crucial for the development of lifelong civic engagement habits, including the habit of voting. More than any other group on campus, faculty play a critical role in a student’s decision about whether or not to vote. As you design your courses for the coming fall, the Harward Center invites you to think about simple, nonpartisan ways to engage students in the electoral process, regardless of your discipline.

Electoral Engagement Moment #2:
Support student voter registration.
Did you know that Title IV of the Higher Education Act requires most higher ed institutions to make a “good faith” effort to distribute voter registration forms and that doing so is considered an appropriate nonpartisan action? Stay tuned for ways you as a faculty member can support voter registration for your students.