After Hours Resources

Even when Health Services is closed for the day there are still a variety of resources available to you. Please also see the additional support described below to help you navigate your academic obligations while you recover from an illness.


Mental Health

On Call Counselor: CALL 207-786-6200 THEN DIAL 0

If you or a friend are experiencing a mental health emergency you can reach a licensed counselor after hours. The counselor will be able to talk you through steps to help your friend or help yourself.

Other Important Mental Health Resources are Available Here

General Health

Bates EMS: CALL 207-786-6111

For any medical emergency you can call Bates EMS to quickly access First Responders on campus.

On Call Doctor: CALL 207-786-6199

You may consult with our On Call Doctor after hours. They can help determine next steps in an emergency or answer questions related to what you are currently experiencing.

After Hours Medical Services

Mental Health

On Call Counselor: CALL 207-786-6200 THEN DIAL 0

The On Call Counselor is not only for emergencies and can be accessed after hours for support, questions, or counseling.

Additional Information on Mental Wellness at Bates can be Found Here

General Health

On Call Doctor: CALL 207-786-6199

The On Call Doctor can also be utilized for non-emergency situations after hours.

CMMC Emergency Room: CALL 207-795-2200

For after hours medical care you should use the CMMC Emergency Room. If you require assistance traveling to the emergency room there are a variety of transportation options here, and the address is 300 Main Street, Lewiston, ME 04240.

CMMC Pharmacy: CALL 207-795-7177

Prescriptions can be filled after hours by the CMMC Pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the 12 High Street Medical Office Building. The CMMC Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For next day delivery a courier service will drop off medications to Post and Print at around 2:30 p.m.


Access to Meals

Student’s whose illness precludes them from accessing meals in Commons can make dining arrangements to be provided meals. To use this resource you should discuss this option with a member of Health Services who will make a determination based on medical advice, and then coordinate with Dining Services to arrange your meals.

Bates Reach

Bates Reach is an online resource that allows you to connect the various faculty and staff that are here to support you including your current professors, your SSA, and any other coaches or mentors you regularly work with. You can use Bates Reach to communicate with the members of the Bates community that you need support from. For more information on Bates Reach please continue reading here, and you can also log in to Bates Reach here.

Your Student Support Advisor (SSA)

Each student has an SSA which is a support they can utilize to navigate the resources that they need as the recover from an illness and afterwards as well. If you are unsure who your SSA is, then log in to Bates Reach here using your email username and password . For more information about how your SSA can help you please continue here.

Your Faculty

If you are missing classes for a medical reason please continue reading here. When experiencing an illness or other health related problems that impact your academic work, it is important to work with your professors. In addition to communicating through email, Bates Reach is a resource that you should use to coordinate with your professors.

The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support

The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support is a resource that you can utilize to help organize aspects of your academic work if you are missing class due to an illness. To find out about the many resources that Accessible Education has please continue here.