Navneet Garcha

Family Physician

Navneet grew up in Vancouver, and attended medical school at the American University of Antigua at Manipal University in South India. She knew from high school that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Her love of traveling and curiosity for exploration led her to an international college in India, where she was able to immerse herself into a new culture and way of living while learning about medicine.  Later, over a two-year period, Navneet was able to explore the US while doing her clinical rotations in five different states and eight hospitals. Outside of family medicine, she loves traveling and is always ready to pack a bag and set off on a new adventure. Being from the west coast, she feels at home with the majestic scenery of Maine and is excited to explore the outdoors. She also enjoys competitive sports, dancing, following the Seattle Seahawks and being a proud Canadian.