How do I know the name of a course list?

Course list names are created by concatenating the following:

  • Semester Designator (F for Fall, W for Winter and S for Short term).
  • The Department Abbreviation/Subject (CHEM, BIO, ANTH).
  • The Course Designation (108).
  • The Course Section (A).
  • Followed by


Note: If there is only one section of a course, the list name will end with “A”. If a course has a linked lecture and lab or discussion section, you may either send a message to the entire lecture section or to a specific lab or discussion section.

Note: When entering a list name for a cross-listed course do not include the “/” between the two two-character department codes.
Example: is the list name for BIGE 110, Section A.

Note: Short Term lists need a second “s” before the course number.
Example: is the list name for Short Term ENVR 101, Section A.



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