How do I obtain a copy of Microsoft Office that I can install on my personal computer?

Bates Faculty, Staff, and Students are now eligible for a free download of the current version of Microsoft Office for Education. 

  • This subscription plan allows faculty, staff, and students to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 personal computers (Mac and Windows) and Office apps on up to 5 personal mobile devices (iPads, Windows tablets, and Android devices)  The plan also includes unlimited OneDrive cloud storage.  
  • To get started, go to  and follow the instructions.
  • By signing up for the free service, you are entering into an agreement between you and Microsoft.  Be sure to read the Program Agreement linked from the bottom of the account sign-up page.  You can also access it here:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1:  Can I use another email address when I sign up for the service?
    • A1:  No, you must use your Bates email address.  Create a new password for Office 365. **Don’t reuse your Bates password.**

  • Q2:  What happens if I leave Bates?
    • If you leave Bates and keep your Bates email address (in the case of retirement, say), then your license remains valid.  If you leave Bates and no longer have a Bates email address, then you must purchase a license from Microsoft to continue using the products.

  • Q3:  What happens if I don’t purchase a license?
    • A3:  Any software you’ve installed enters what’s called “Reduced Functionality Mode”.  You can view and print your files but cannot edit existing files or create new.  You also lose access to any files you’ve stored on OneDrive.

  • Q4:  Can I apply for a refund if I’ve recently purchased a set of Work at Home discs?
    • A4:  Unfortunately, no.



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