I am a graduating senior (Class of 2017), what do I need to know about my access to my Bates G Suite account and my Bates Username and Password?

As a graduating Senior, Information and Library Services would like to remind you of the following items that you should note and take care of before you leave campus.

Access to your Bates Google Account will expire next year on Friday, June 1, 2018. Access to all other resources requiring your Bates Username and Password will expire this year on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

There are several utilities available to you to assist with migrating your Bates Google account data to a Personal Google account.

  • Utilize the Control your content options available from the Personal info & privacy section in your My Account settings for your Bates Google Account. This is a free option that you can use to Download your data or Transfer your content to another Google account from your Bates Google account.
  • CloudGopher, is an easy-to-use pay option which you can use to copy, transfer, or back up your Bates Google Account into another Google Account.

If you don’t have your own Google account, obtaining one is easy and free. Just visit the Create your Google Account website.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Be sure to update your email address in services such as iTunes, Facebook, shopping websites, and website subscriptions. Also, update your email address on job and school applications, resumes, and notify family and friends with your new personal email address as soon as possible.
  • Change of Address – Setup a Vacation Responder to automatically notify individuals who are trying to contact you of your new email address – you don’t want to miss any messages, especially from potential employers.
  • Forward New Messages – Setup Message Forwarding to automatically send any messages you receive at your Bates email address to another account. This way you don’t have to worry about logging into your Bates Gmail account to check email.
  • Once your account is deleted on Friday, June 1, 2018, messages sent to your Bates Gmail account will no longer forward to your other account.

Once your Bates Gmail account is deleted, individuals trying to contact you will receive a message that your account no longer exists.

Paris, ImagingCenter, ETNA and Other Network Files:
Be sure to copy/move all of your important documents and files that are stored on Bates servers to your computer, Could Storage, or to an external Hard Drive. Your data may exist on servers such as Paris, ETNA, ImagingCenter, China, and Xsan. Once you are off campus, we are unable to provide these files to you.

Network Printers:
Uninstall/Remove any network printers you may have installed, such as PERU-Paw-Print or PERU-Paw-Printer-Color.

Sophos Anti-Virus:
We recommend removing/uninstalling Sophos Anti-Virus from your computer and installing the free version of Sophos Home.

Software Licensed for Academic Use:
When graduating from Bates, you may have software installed on your computer that was licensed for academic use and may no longer be licensed for your use. Dependent on the license and terms of service you agreed to, you may need to remove/uninstall the software.



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