What can I do to help me remember my new password?

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Write it Down
    • It should be the only thing on the paper, do not include your username. When writing down a password you should obfuscate it in some fashion, such as adding characters to it or taking characters out so that someone who sees it will have a hard time guessing your password. Once you’ve written it down you should store it in a safe place like a locked drawer. After you have memorized your password you should destroy the paper so that the password only exists in your head.

  • Type it Thirty (30) Tmes in a Row
    • Typing your password thirty times will help you commit it to muscle memory.

  • Chose Not to Have Applications Save your Password
    • By choosing not to have applications save your password you will force yourself to type your password more often. This will improve your ability to remember your password.



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