Classroom Technology – Wireless Presentation Connectivity (IT Training Tip)

Have you given a presentation or had a meeting and struggled with finding the right adapter to connect your computer to the presentation system? With so many connection types (VGA, HDMI, Display Port, Thunderbolt) it can be a challenge to know what adapter to bring with you. At Bates, all of our classrooms/meeting spaces with presentation technology support a VGA connection, and our newer/upgraded classrooms/meeting spaces also support an HDMI connection. BUT why worry or struggle with an adapter or physical connection when you can connect wirelessly to some1 of our presentation equipment using our Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation System!

The Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation System makes sharing and presenting in a classroom/meeting space so much easier! With any laptop or mobile device, you can connect to the Kramer VIA System and display/mirror your screen in real time – all wirelessly!

Connecting to the Kramer VIA System only requires a few simple steps:

  • Launch the VIA Appenter the Room Name2, and click Login
    • First-time users of the Kramer VIA System will need to download and install the VIA App. Instructions are available on the display source (TV, Monitor, Projection Screen).

  • Enter the four digit code2 and click Login
  • Click Present to display your screen

In some classrooms/meeting rooms, you may have to use the Crestron Touch Panel to selectKramer Via as your display source.

Don’t forget, if you need assistance with using the equipment in a classroom/meeting space that has a Crestron Touch Panel, just press the Help button, and someone will be right over to assist you. 

Once you have downloaded the VIA App and you are comfortable with using the Kramer VIA System, discover the other possibilities available! Besides displaying/mirroring your screen, there are collaboration tools, whiteboard features, and advanced screen sharing options. 

And remember the best part – No more cables, No more adapters!!! 

1A list of classrooms/meeting spaces that have the Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation System can be found from this FAQ on the IT Help Desk website.

2The Room Name and four digit code will be available on the display source (TV, Monitor, Projection Screen).



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