G Suite – Finding and Subscribing to a Bates Google Group (IT Training Tip)

To Access Bates Google Groups:

  • On your computer, open your Bates Gmail account from within a web browser and login
  • On the top right, click on the application launcher box and click on the Groups icon
  • You will see two buttons – My groups and Browse all

My groups:
To viewmanage (if you are a Bates Google Group Owner), or leave/unsubscribe from a Bates Google Group you are subscribedclick on the My groups button.

Browse all:
To see a list of all the Bates Google Groups that are available to the Bates Community to subscribeclick on the Browse all button.

Note: This will not be a comprehensive list of all the Bates Google Groups. Many Bates Google Groups are private or closed. These Bates Google Groups will not be displayed in the Browse all list. A group owner will publish the group name independently or add members by request to a private/closed group.

Subscribing to a Bates Google Group:

From the Browse all list, click on the Bates Google Group you want to joinAs an example, we will use the Forsale Group.

To subscribe to the Forsale Bates Google Group:

  • Click on the Group name – Forsale
  • Click on the blue Join group button
  • You will be presented with a Join the (Forsale) group disclaimer. Read through the disclaimer and if you agree, click on the blue Join this group button
  • If your membership to the group does not require approval by the group owner, you will immediately be added to the group. You will have access to the group archives and begin to receive email messages from the group. The Forsale@groups.bates.edu does not enforce a membership approval process, so you will immediately be subscribed.

Subscribing to a Bates Google Group by Email:

  • Address an email to the group email address and include +subscribe to the end of the group nameNo subject or message body is necessary. You must format the email address exactly as follows:
    • groupname+subscribe@groups.bates.edu
      • As an example, to join the Forsale Google Group, address an email to the following email address: forsale+subscribe@groups.bates.edu

  • You will then receive an email to confirm your subscription to the group

Emailing/Posting to a Bates Google Group by Email:

  • To email/post to the group you are subscribed, compose an email message addressed to groupname@groups.bates.edu
    • As an example, with the Forsale Bates Google Group, address an email message to [b]forsale@groups.bates.edu[/b]



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