G Suite – New Features with Forms (IT Training Tip)

If you use G Suite Forms to collect data, Google has recently added some new functionality that you may find helpful.

There are three new features I’d like to highlight in this week’s IT Training Tip of the Week. 

1. Validated Responses: With Validated Responses, you can use this option to assist with accurate data collection. Forms can now check to see if responses are within a particular format or range that you determine. So, if you want to make sure a URL, email address, or some other type of data is input correctly, you can apply a response validation to a question on your Form.

To Access the Response Validation Option:

  • Add a question to your Form
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the bottom-right corner of your question
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Response validation
  • The response validation criteria will now be available as part of your question, and you may customize the response validation criteria

2. Upload Files as Responses: You can now add the ability for individuals to upload files as part of a response to a Form. To initiate a successful file upload, the responder must also have a G Suite account and logged in.Note: When adding this capability to a Form, please use caution and only share the Form with individuals you know and trust. Otherwise, there could be an opportunity for a respondent to upload a malicious file or virus.To Add the Upload File Option to your Form:

  • Click on the question type drop-down menu and select File upload 
  • From the Form question, you can configure the type of file that can be uploaded, the number of files, and the maximum size of the file, which can be as large as 1 GB

3. Checkbox Grid: A new Checkbox Grid question type has been added to the Forms question set. This question type is used to address questions that respondents need to select multiple options for multiple categoriesTo Add a Checkbox Grid Question:

  • Click on the Question Type drop-down menu
  • Click on Checkbox grid to add the Checkbox Grid as a question
  • Configure the Rows and Columns of the Checkbox Grid

Bonus: You can now set Form Default Settings for all of your Forms instead of having to change the Form Default Settings for each Form independently. So, if you want all of your questions to have required answers, you can make this change as a global default and all new Forms will automatically have this setting.

To Access your Form Default Settings:

  • Click on the three vertical dots located at the top-right of the Form window
  • Click on Preferences…
  • Update your Default settings and click on SaveThese defaults will now be the global defaults for any new Forms you create



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