IT Help Desk – System Status (IT Training Tip)

Do you ever experience problems with connecting to a network service such as Wireless, Banner/Garnet Gateway, Campus Printing, and wonder if you are the only one experiencing this issue or if it’s a campus-wide problem? Or maybe you are looking for additional information or updates regarding a service outage? Now you can find out the status of our network systems from the IT Help Desk System Status web page! If we are aware of a network issue, we will post it to the System Status page along with any details.

By starting at the IT Help Desk website, you will see a button labeled System Status under the Welcome to the IT Help Desk! title. If the button is blue, we have received no reports of any network or systems issues. If the button is garnet, we are aware of a network or system problem and additional information can be found by clicking on the button to access our System Status web page. You may also notice a number at the end of the button label. Example: System Status (3)This number tells you how many issues have been reported.

On the System Status web page you will see an icon legend, a list of network services and systems, and a link for additional details. The icon legend lists the following statuses:

  • Status Normal – All systems in that specific category are functioning normally, and no issues have been reported.
  • Problems Detected – An issue in this category has been reported that may affect normal operations, but should not present a significant impact.
  • System Outage/Issue – A significant problem in this category has been reported and will have an impact on operations.
  • System Maintenance – Normal or Emergency system maintenance in this category is being performed or is scheduled to be performed.

When viewing the System Status web page, clicking on the Details link for a specific category will bring you to a web page with additional information dedicated to that specific category. If an event is occurring, you will be provided with the following information:

  • System Status Icon – A visual representation of the system status.
  • Title – The title of the event.
  • Description – A description/information of the event we are aware of at that particular time.
  • Submitted – The date and time the event was posted to the status page.
  • Resolved – The date and time the event was resolved.
  • Notes – Any relevant notes regarding the event and updates.

Any history for a specific category may be viewed by clicking on the Past History title bar on the top of each page.If you do not see an issue you are experiencing, please contact the IT Help Desk to report your issue.



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