OS (Win/Mac) – Keyboard Shortcuts (IT Training Tip)

Are you the type of person that prefers using the keyboard instead of the mouse? Or maybe you’re just not sure what keyboard shortcuts are available to you for your specific operating system. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can be more efficient and faster with using your computer and navigating through your applications rather than having to reach for your mouse each time. The following is a list of some of my favorite and most used keyboard shortcuts:

F2 – Rename File
ALT + F4 – Close an Application
CTRL + A – Select All
CTRL + F – Find/Seach
CTRL + ESC – Open the Start Menu
CTRL + Arrow Keys – Highlight/Select Text (Words)
Shift + Arrow Keys – Highlight/Select Text (Characters)
Shift + Delete – Bypasses the Recycle Bin and Permanently Deletes the File
Windows Key + E – Open File Explorer
Windows Key + L – Lock Computer/Desktop
Windows Key + M – Minimizes All Open Applications

Command + A – Select All
Command + M – Minimize an Application Window
Command + Q – Quit/Close and Application
Command + Space Bar – Open Spotlight Search
Command + Tab – Switch Between Applications
Command + Shift + 3 – Take a Screen Shot of your Entire Screen
Command + Shift + 4 – Take a Screen Shot of what you Select on your Screen
Command + Option + ESC – Force Quit a Mac Application
Command + Option + H + M – Hide/Minimize Everything on your Desktop
Select File + Space Bar –Allows you to Preview a Document/File



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