How do I setup a Paw-Print Printer on a Mac (Students)?

To setup the Paw-Print and Paw-Print-Color Printers on your Mac (Students):

Note: If you are connected to the Bates Open SSID WiFi, you will not be able to access or print to the Paw-Print Printers, you must be connected to the Bates Secure SSID.

  • Download the Paw-Print Printer Mac Installer 
  • Locate the file and double click it to extract the Bates PawPrint.pkg file
  • Locate and double click the Bates PawPrint.pkg
  • On the Introduction window, click on the Continue button
  • On the Destination Select window, select your Macintosh HD and then click on the Continue button
  • On the Installation Type window, click on the Install button
    • You will be prompted for your computer password (not your Bates username and password). Enter your computer password, then click on the Install Software button

  • On the Summary window you will be notified that your installation was successful. Click on the Close button
    • You can now print to the printers labeled PERU-Paw-Print and PERU-Paw-Print-Color

  • The first time you print, a prompt will appear asking for your username and password
    • In the username field type bcis\username (bcis\bbobcat) and your Bates Email/Network password in the password field

  • Click the Remember this password in my keychain check box and click OK

Note: When your network password changes, you will need to update this password in your keychain, or you will not be able to print.



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