G Suite – Using Stars in Bates Gmail (IT Training Tip)

Are you a visual person and need a way to mark email messages with a visual cue? Maybe you want to add some organization to your Inbox, or you have email messages that require additional follow-up and you would like to have the ability to group those messages together.

With the use of Stars in Bates Gmail, you can accomplish all the above and much more! In Bates Gmail, Stars are visual indicators that allow you to mark/flag email messages, organize your Inbox, and even add efficiencies to managing your email.

Using Stars:
As you look at your Bates Gmail messages from a web browser, to the left of your messages you will see an outline of a Star. If you click once on the Star outline, a solid yellow Star will appear. If you click on the Star again, it will disappear. Now you can Star messages that you want to stand out. But is a yellow Star your only choice of color and shape? Nope! There are a variety of colors and symbols that are available, all you need to do is add them to your list of available options.

Customizing Stars:
Would you like to add more color selections for your Stars? How about a green check or a red bang(exclamation point), or maybe a purple question (mark)…

Access your Settings:

  • On the top-right, click on the Settings Gear
  • From the drop-down menu, click Settings
  • From the General tab, scroll-down to the Stars section
  • You will see two categories of Stars/Symbols
    • In use
    • Not in use

  • By default, the yellow Star will be the only Star/Symbol In Use
  • To add Stars/Symbols to the In use category, just click and drag the Star/Symbol you want to use up from the Not in use category to the In use category. You can also move a Star/Symbol down from the In use category to the Not in use category.
  • But wait! There’s more…. You can also reorder your Stars/Symbols by clicking and dragging them to the left or right or right to left
  • Once you have organized your Stars/Symbolsscroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button

Now from a message in your Inbox, click on the Star outline once, and the first Star/Symbol from the In use category will appear. If you continue to click, you will cycle through the Stars/Symbols from the In use category. Once you have decided on the Star/Symbol you want to use, just stop clicking and the Star/Symbol will be added to your message. To remove the Star/Symbol, just pause and click again.

Advanced Features:
Knowing the names of your Stars/Symbols will allow you to perform a search, which will allow you to group your Stars/Symbols together. For example, if you wanted to view only the messages that have a red star, click in the search field and begin your search with has: followed by the Star/Symbol name. In our example, you would type in has:red-star.

The following is a list of the Star/Symbol names. You can also mouse over each Star/Symbol in your settings to reveal the Star/Symbol name.

Official Bates Gmail Star/Symbol Names

  • yellow-star
  • orange-star
  • red-star
  • purple-star
  • blue-star
  • green-star
  • red-bang
  • orange-guillemet
  • yellow-bang
  • green-check
  • blue-info
  • purple-question

If you wanted to see ALL of your messages that have a Star/Symbolclick on the Starred Label located under the COMPOSE button, with all of your other Bates Gmail Labels.



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