What is a G Suite Group and how do I have one created?

A G Suite Groups is a communication tool that makes it easy for groups of people to communicate and collaborate together. When you send an email message to the G Suite Group address, everyone who is part of the group will receive the message, so there is no need to email each individual separately. Once a G Suite Group has been created, you can also share documents via G Suite Docs/Drive with the group and setup G Suite Calendar Events for the group. 

To have a Bates G Suite Group created, please email the Bates College IT Help Desk (helpdesk@bates.edu) with the following information (If you find it easier, just copy and paste the information below into an email message):

Bates G Suite Group Request:

  • Requested Group Name (Display Name):
    • Alternate Group Name (Display):

  • Preferred Group Email Address (@groups.bates.edu):
    • Alternate Group Email Address (@groups.bates.edu):

  • Group Description:
  • Who is the Owner of the Group?
  • Is the Group Open or Closed?
    • If the Group is Closed, only subscribed members within a group can send email the Group.

  • Should the messages to the Group be moderated or automatically delivered?
  • Do you want this Group published in the Bates G Suite Group Directory, making it searchable and easy for others to find?
  • Would you like to schedule an IT Training Appointment on managing your G Suite Group with our Instructional Support Manager? 

Note: To request a G Suite Group for a Bates Student Club or Bates Student Organization, please contact: Nick Dressler, Assistant Director of Campus Life, ndressle@bates.edu 



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