CAB* – Information Security Is Our Shared Responsibility (IT Training Tip)

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and as digital citizens, we must consistently protect ourselves, our devices, and our family and friends from cyber threats. However, the Internet is always “on,” so we must remain alert and continue to connect with care to protect our technology and the technology of the college, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable technology, as well as our personal information.

The following is a list of quick tips that you can use to help you to be a well informed Cyber Aware Bobcat (CAB):

  • Protect Your Device: Add a passcode or password to your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Adding a passcode or password to these devices can be one of the most valuable first steps you can take to protect your information and the data of the college!
  • Use Strong Passwords or Passphrases: Create strong passwords or passphrases for the online accounts you access. If you have difficulties with remembering your passwords or creating strong passwords, consider using a password vault/generator such as LastPass. A personal LastPassaccount is FREE and can save you or the college hundreds to thousands of dollars in the event of an identity theft or data breach. (If you have access to many online accounts for the college, and would like to use a password vault/generator to manage your passwords, please contact the Bates College IT Help Desk to check your eligibility for a LastPass Enterprise account).
  • Enable Multifactor/Two-Step Authentication: Wherever possible, enable multifactor/two-step authentication for the online resources you access. Multifactor/two-step authentication helps to secure your accounts by requiring an additional piece of information to your passwords, such as a passcode or PIN. These passcodes or PINs can be sent to your cell phone, or there are Apps and devices available that generate a passcode or PIN for you.
  • Check Your Social Media Settings: Review your social media security and privacy settings on a regular basis, and make sure you are not sharing information and posts about you to everyone!
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest technology trends and security issues such as malware and phishing.
  • Cyber Aware Bobcat!

*CAB – Cyber Aware Bobcat
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