G Suite – Calendar Tasks vs. Reminders (IT Training Tip)

In your Bates G Suite Calendar, you have the option to use Reminders or Tasks (but not both). In a previous Weekly IT Training Tip, Tasks were explained in more detail through the use of the Task Module in your Bates Gmail account. Tasks are also linked to both your Bates Gmail and Bates G Suite CalendarTasks in your Bates G Suite Calendar also function identically to the Tasks in your Bates Gmail account. For more information on using Tasks, please refer to the G Suite – Tasks List in Bates Gmail Weekly IT Training Tip published on Friday, November 3, 2017.

Which should I use? Tasks or Reminders? The use of Tasks or Reminders may depend on several factors, including features, your workflowwhich App you access more – Bates Gmail or Bates G Suite Calendar, and ultimately your personal preference. Both are very similar, but there are some differences. The following outlines some of the differences between Tasks and Reminders.


  • Tasks are easy to use to-do lists
  • Tasks are linked to both your Bates Gmail account and your Bates G Suite Calendar
  • A Task with a Due Date will appear on the top section of your Bates G Suite Calendar for that specific day as well as in your Task list
    • Tasks with Due Dates cannot be time specific, only day-specific

  • If a Task is not completed on the assigned due date, the Task remains on that date and does not automatically advance to the next day
  • Tasks do not provide notifications
  • Tasks can be crossed/checked-off
  • Tasks can contain sub-tasks


  • Reminders are very similar to Tasks
  • Unlike Tasks, Reminders can recur
  • Reminders can be set to a specific day or can be assigned to a specific time on a particular day
  • Reminders that are time specific will pop-up a notification, just like a calendar Event
    • All Day Reminders do not provide notifications

  • Outstanding Reminders that have not been marked as done, carry over to the next day until they are completed.
  • Multiple Reminders created for a particular day will be collected together and will be displayed in a list format for that day
  • Reminders can be Marked As Done

To Access Tasks or Reminders From Your Bates G Suite Calendar Account:Login to your Bates G Suite Account:

  • On your computer, open your Bates Gmail account from within a web browser (Recommended: Google Chrome) and login 
  • While in your Bates Gmail accountclick on the G Suite App Launcher, located on the top-right, and click on the Calendar icon to view your Bates G Suite Calendar
    • You may need to scroll down your list of Apps to see the Calendar icon

Enabling Reminders or Tasks:

  • In the left margin of your Bates G Suite Calendarunder the Mini Calendarlook for the My Calendars section
    • You may need to click on the arrow to the right of My Calendars to see your calendars. The arrow should be pointing up.

  • In the My Calendars section, you will see either Tasks or Reminders
  • To switch from one to the other, hover your mouse over the word Reminder or Task
    • This will reveal a meatball menu (3 vertical dots)

  • Click on the meatball menu and click on Switch to Tasks or Switch to Reminders to enable either Tasks or Reminders

Creating an All Day Reminder – Non-Time Specific:

  • Follow the steps below for Creating a Time Specific Reminderselect any time slot and place a checkmark next to All Day
  • Click in the top section of your calendar on the day you want to create an All Day Reminder
  • Type in your Title
  • Click on the Reminder button
  • Verify or make any adjustments to the reminder date
  • If you would like this reminder to recur, click on the Does not repeat drop-down menu and select your repeat options
  • Click on the Save button

Creating a Time Specific Reminder:

  • Creating a time-specific Reminder is identical to creating a time-specific Event
    • When creating your Reminder, under the Add title slot, you will see three buttons (Event, Reminder, Appointment Slots)

  • Type in your Title
  • Click on the Reminder button
  • Verify and make any adjustments to the reminder date and time
  • If you would like this reminder to recur, click on the Does not repeat drop-down menu and select your repeat options
  • Click on the Save button

Marking a Reminder as Done:

  • Click on the Reminder
  • On the bottom-right of the Reminder Floating Card, click on MARK AS DONE

Deleting a Reminder:

  • Click on the Reminder
  • On the top-right of the Reminder Floating Card, click on the Trash Can



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