IT Help Desk – Removing Formatting Characteristics (IT Training Tip)

When performing a text copy from one location (source) and pasting to another location (destination), such as in a Microsoft® Word Document, a G Suite DocWordPress, or in a Bates Gmail Compose Windowthe formatting characteristics from the copy source will often follow along to the paste destination. There may be times when you don’t want the formatting characteristics to be included when you are pasting text. In Microsoft® WordG Suite DocsWordPress, or in a Bates Gmail Compose Windowyou can clear the formatting from the source text by selecting your text and clicking on one button!

Clearing the Formatting Characteristics from Text:
You will first want to perform a copy from your source location and paste to your destination location. Then select/highlight the text you want to remove the formatting characteristics.

Microsoft® Word:

  • Launch Microsoft® Word
  • Modify an existing document or create a new document
  • Copy, Paste, and Select your Text
  • From the Ribbon menu, click on the Home tab
  • From the Font group, click on the Clear All Formatting button

G Suite Doc:

  • Login to your Bates G Suite account
  • Access G Suite Docs
  • Modify an existing Doc or create a new Doc
  • Copy, Paste, and Select your Text
  • From the Toolbarclick on the Clear formatting button
    • The Clear formatting button is generally the last icon on the toolbar

Bates Gmail Compose Window:

  • Login to your Bates Gmail account
  • Compose a New Message
  • Copy, Paste, and Select your Text
  • At the bottom of the Compose window, you will see a toolbar
    • You may need to reveal the Formatting toolbar by clicking on Formatting options button

  • Click on the Remove Formatting button
    • The Remove Formatting button is generally the last icon on the toolbar


  • Login to WordPress
  • Option 1:
    • Modify an existing webpage or create a new webpage
    • Copy, Paste, and Select your Text
    • From the Toolbarclick on the Clear formatting button

  • Option 2:
    • From the Text Editorclick on the Edit drop-down menu
    • Click on Paste as text to select this option
    • Paste your text using keyboard shortcut (Windows – CTRL+V, Mac – CMD+V)

  • Option 3:
    • Copy your Text
    • Paste your text by using the keyboard shortcut (Windows – CTRL+Shift+V, Mac – CMD+Shift+V) to match the formatting of the text in the destination location

Bonus Tip:
When searching for messages in your Bates Gmail account, your search results will appear with the word(s) you searched for in a yellow highlight. If you copy text from the message and paste it into a new message or another location, the yellow highlights will follow along. You can remove the highlights from the message that contains your search results by:

  • Clicking on the More button at the top of the message
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Turn off highlighting
    • Copy and paste your text, and the highlighting will be gone



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