How do I connect my iPhone/iPad to Bates WiFi?

You will want to connect your iOS Device to the Bates Secure WiFi and not Bates Open WiFi. The Bates Open WiFi is used for gaming consoles, SmartTVs, and other technologies that do not have a web browser in order to register your device. If you have already connected to Bates Open WiFi, you will want to disconnect your iOS device by following these instructions: 
How do I stop my iPhone from connecting to Bates Open SSID?

Connecting to Bates Secure WiFi:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Wi-Fi
  • Tap on Bates Secure
  • Type in your Bates Username and Password, then Tap on Join
    • You may receive a message from, Tap on Trust

  • Once you have received a blue check mark next to Bates Secure, you have successfully connected
  • Tap on < Settings
  • Press your Home Button to return to your Home Screen



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