How do I setup a Bates issued iPad?

New iPad Setup –

  • Power On your new iPad
  • Tap on your preferred language (English)
  • Tap on Your Country or Region (United States is located at the top of the list)
  • You may see a Quick Start window
    • Tap on Set Up Manually from the bottom of the screen

  • Choose a Wi-Fi Network
    • Tap on Bates Secure

  • On the Enter Password pop-up window, type in your Bates Username and Password
    • Tap on Join (upper right)
    • On the Certificate window for, tap on Trust (upper right)
    • It is safe to ignore the red Not Trusted message
      • Upon a successful login, you will be returned to the Choose a Wi-Fi Network window
      • A checkmark will be placed next to Bates Secure

  • Tap on Next (upper right)
  • It may take a few minutes to activate your iPad
  • On the Remote Management window, tap on Next
  • At the Remote Management window, login with your Bates Username and Password
  • Tap on Next (upper right)
  • On the Setup Touch ID window, tap on Continue and follow the on-screen instructions
    • Place Your Finger – Follow the onscreen prompts
    • Adjust Your Grip – Follow the onscreen prompts

  • At the Complete window, tap on Continue
  • Create a Passcode
    • Enter a 6 character/numeric passcode
    • You may also change your password options by tapping on the Passcode Options link

  • Confirm your Passcode
  • On the Access the Dock from Anywhere window, tap on the Continue button
  • On the Switch Between Recent Apps window, tap on the Continue button
  • On the Welcome to iPad window, tap on Get Started
  • You will presented with your iPad’s Home Screen, follow the next steps to setup your Apple iCloud account

iCloud Account Setup –

  • On the Home Screen, you will see a Settings icon with a red "1", tap on the Settings icon
  • In the left margin, tap on Finish Setting Up Your iPad
    • Tap on Set Up Apple Pay (right margin)
    • On the Apple ID window, sign in with your Apple ID
    • In the upper left tap on Sign In 
      • If you have another Apple Device that is using the same Apple ID, you will be sent a Verification Code.
      • In the Apple ID Verification Code pop-up window, enter the verification code you have received

    • You will be signed into the iCloud…

  • At the Enter iPad Passcode window, enter in the passcode you created earlier
  • You will receive a pop-up window about Find My iPad Enabled, tap OK
  • At the Apple Pay window, tap on Set Up Later in Settings
  • You will be returned to the Settings window
    • Press the Home Button

  • Your iPad is now ready to use!



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