How do I setup call forwarding on my on-campus telephone to forward all my calls to another on-campus extension, off-campus number, mobile phone, or voicemail?

Call Forwarding (All Calls) –
To forward all of your incoming calls to another on-campus extension, off-campus telephone number, mobile phone, or voicemail, you must be at your telephone in order to set call forwarding. This feature cannot be set from a remote location.

Your calls will forward on the first ring. When this feature is active, you have no option to answer incoming calls.

Note: If you are forwarding your telephone to an off-campus telephone, you will need to add a "9" to an off-campus number.

Example: "95551212" for (207) 555-1212 or "914015551212" for +1 (401) 555-1212.

To Activate:

  • Lift  the telephone handset
  • Listen for the dial tone
  • Dial *2
  • Dial the destination extension number right over the beeps
  • Hang up your telephone handset

To Cancel:

  • Lift  the telephone handset
  • Listen for the dial tone
  • Dial #2
  • Hang up your telephone handset

To forward your calls to voicemail, use extension 6789.

Tip: You may want to place a note next to your telephone as a reminder that call forwarding is active and to deactivate it when you return to the office.



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