G Suite – Drive Activity Notifications (IT Training Tip)

When a G Suite Doc or G Suite Drive Folder is shared with you or with multiple individuals, it’s sometimes difficult to know when a file has been changed or something has been added to a folder.With the Checker Plus for Google Drive extension for the Google Chrome Web Browser, you can automatically receive notifications when a change occurs. So the next time someone adds a document to a shared G Suite Drive Folder or makes a change to a G Suite Doc, you will receive a notification within five minutes of that change! 

Note: Checker Plus for Google Drive is only compatible with the Google Chrome Web Browser. 

Installation –

  • Click on the Checker Plus for Google Drive link to download and install the Google Chrome web browser extension
  • On the Checker Plus for Google Drive web page, click on the INSTALL button
  • Click on the Add extension button from the pop-up window
    • Another web page may pop-up to configure the browser extension, close that web page

  • On the upper-left side of your Google Chrome web browser window, you will see a new gray icon that looks like a folder with the G Suite Drive icon ()
  • Click on that icon to log in and configure Checker Plus for Google Drive
  • Click on the GOOGLE ACCOUNTS SIGN IN button
    • If you are prompted to Choose an account, choose your Bates G Suite account (@bates.edu) orcontinue to sign in through the Federated Authentication Service

  • You will be prompted to allow Checker Plus for Drive to View and manage the files in your G Suite Drive account
  • Click on the ALLOW button

Configuration –

  • Once you have successfully logged in, a Checker Plus for Google Drive window will pop-up
  • Click on the meatball menu (three vertical dots) located on the upper right-side of the window
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Options
  • Under the Notifications for new or modified filesclick the radio button next to Show notifications for files inside folders I select
  • Remove the checkmark from the checkbox next to Only include notifications for files added to My Drive
  • Close the Options windows

Selecting Files/Folders to Monitor –

  • Click on Checker Plus for Google Drive icon
  • From the Checker Plus for Google Drive window, navigate to the file/folder you want to monitorthen hover your mouse over the file/folder
    • To the right of the file/folder name, you will see an icon of a bellclick on the bell to enable notifications for that file/folder
    • If you select a folder, all of the files in that folder will automatically be selected. If there are files within the folder you do not want notifications for, click on the bell next to that file to disable notifications

  • Close the Checker Plus for Google Drive window
  • Every five minutesChecker Plus for Google Drive will check for changes to the file/folder you have selected
    • If a change is detected, a blue notification number will appear on the Checker Plus for Google Drive icon and a notification will pop-up and then fade away

  • To see which files have changed, click on the Checker Plus for Google Drive icon, then in the left margin of the windowclick on the Notifications link
    • To view the file, click on the file name
    • To dismiss the notification, hover your mouse over the file name and to the right of the file name, you will see a checkmarkclick on the checkmark to dismiss the notification

You can also use Checker Plus for Google Drive to quickly access content in your Bates G Suite Drive Account.

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