G Suite – Managing Tabs in Google Chrome (IT Training Tip)

This week’s IT Training Tip focuses on web browser tabs (multiple windows open in the same browser instance) in Google Chrome. By performing the magical right-click (How to Right-Click on Mac) on a Google Chrome Tab will reveal a menu with some pretty neat features. Often in our day-to-day work, we interact with many websites and web pages that we keep open as we click from one Tab to another in order to access particular resources throughout the day. Sometimes the number of Tabs we have open can become numerous, become confusing to navigate, and can take some effort to close each one, one-by-one.

The following tips may assist you with efficiently managing your Tabs:

Pin Tab –
If you have websites you frequently access, you can Pin the Tabs to your Tab BarBy doing so, the size of the tab shrinks to only reveal an icon (giving more space on your Tab Bar), the Tab gets grouped on the left side of your Tab Bar, and your Pinned Tabs will remain on your Tab Bar even when you close and reopen Google Chrome.

Pinning a Tab:

  • Open a webpage you would like to Pin in its own Tab
  • Right-Click on the Tab
  • Click on Pin Tab

Unpinning a Tab:

  • Right-Click on the Tab you want to Unpin
  • Click on Unpin Tab

Mute Tab –
Today, many web pages have multimedia and sound that start automatically when you visit themOften, this may catch you unprepared or surprised as you quickly try to turn-down the volume or quickly scroll through the web page to find the source and stop it. You can now simply right-click on the Tab to mute any sound from that website.

Muting a Tab:

  • Right-Click on the Tab
  • Click on Mute Site

Unmuting a Tab:

  • Right-Click on the Tab you want to Unmute
  • Click on Unmute Site

Close Other Tabs –
Sometimes you may have way too many Tabs openwhich can clutter your Tab Bar and often slow down the performance of your web browserYou can easily close all of your Tabs with two simple clicks, leaving only the Tab you’re on open and leaving your Pinned Tabs untouched.

Closing All of Your Tabs Except for One:

  • Right-Click on the Tab you want to remain open
  • Click on Close Other Tabs

Close Tabs to the Right –
Similar to the Close Other Tabs feature, the Close Tabs to the Right will close any open Tabs to the right of the Tab you choose.

Closing Tabs to the Right:

  • Right-Click on the Tab you want to remain open
  • Click on Close Tabs to the Right
    • Any Tabs to the right of the Tab you right-clicked on will be closed
    • Any Tabs to the left of the Tab you right-clicked on will remain open

Moving/Reordering Tabs –
Any Tabs on the Tab Bar can easily be moved/reordered, including Pinned Tabs.

  • Click and hold on a Tab and drag the Tab to the left or right on the Tab Bar
  • Once positioned, release your click

Spawning a Tab to its Own Window –
You can separate Tabs from the Tab Bar to individual browser windows.

  • Click and drag the Tab of the webpage you want to spawn off to its own window and release your click



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