Microsoft Office – Using the Status Bar (IT Training Tip)

When utilizing a Microsoft® Office Application (Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, and Microsoft® PowerPoint), you may have overlooked a very useful tool that can quickly provide you with some analytical information about the documentspreadsheet, or presentation you are authoring. Located all the way at the bottom of your application window you will see an application specific Status Bar. In this week’s IT Training Tip of the Week, I will be focusing on the Status Bar in Excel, but the Status Bar in Word and PowerPoint function very similarly.

In Microsoft® Excellook all the way down to the left-side of the application window, and you will see the word Ready, and on the right-side, you will see the Zoom Slider, this is where the Status Bar is located.

If you right-click on the Status Bar, you will be presented with a menu of options that you can toggle on and off by clicking on them.

Enabling Status Bar Options –

  • Right-click on the Status Bar
  • Place checkmarks next to the following items to enable them:
    • Average
    • Count
    • Numerical Count
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Sum

Note: If you are using Microsoft® Office 2016 for the Mac, you will need to right-click the Status Bar each time after placing a checkmark next to the option you enable.

Now, let’s say you have a spreadsheet with a column of numbers and you would like to quickly calculate the Sum of the numbers. Rather than having to create a formula to add up all the numbers, just highlight them with your mouse and look at the Status Bar. The options you enabled previously will provide you with real-time information about the data you highlighted, including the sum of the numbers.

Hint: You can highlight data in a single column, but you can also select across multiple columns and rows.

Note: All of the options selected from above will work with numerical data. If you have text in a cell, the Count option will only count the number of cells you have highlighted.

To learn more about all of the Excel Status Bar options, visit the Excel Status Bar Options support webpage.



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