G Suite – 3 Bates Gmail Quick Tips (IT Training Tip)

This IT Tip of the Week is a collection of 3 Quick Tips that you can use with your Bates Gmail account.

1. Trash It, Don’t Close It!
When composing an email message in Bates Gmail and you close the window by clicking on the “X,” you are saving that message to your Drafts folder and not deleting it (even if you haven’t done anything with that message). If you want to place the message in the trash, click on the Trash Can icon (located on the bottom right of your message window), and that will place that message in your Trash folder. You may want to review the messages that are currently in your Drafts folder and delete any that shouldn’t be there.

Messages moved to the Trash folder, or SPAM folder will remain in those folders for 30 days, and then are automatically deleted. You can also open those folders and purge those messages immediately by clicking on the Empty Trash now link or Delete all spam messages now link located at the top of the folder window.

2. Surface It Up To The Top!
If you have Labels (Folders) that you access on a frequent basis, you can surface those labels to the top of your Label list for quick and easy access. In Bates Gmail, your Label list is displayed in alphabetical order with the System labels at the top of the list. Symbols or numbers are always ordered before the alphabetical listing, so if you add a symbol or number as the first character in your Label name, it will be surfaced to the top of your Label listing and displayed after the System labels.

When viewing your Inbox, if you click and drag a message from right-to-left and drop it on a Label, you will be moving that message out of your Inbox and into that Label. If you click and drag a Label from left-to-right and drop it on an email message, you will be applying a Label to that message, which will remain in your Inbox.

3. Change Your Display Name
Your Display Name is the name individuals see when they receive an email message from you. You can change your Display Name at any time by accessing your Settings.

Changing Your Display Name:

  • On the top-right of your Bates Gmail window, click on the Settings Gear
  • From the drop-down menu, click Settings
  • Click on the Accounts tab
  • From the Accounts tab, scroll down to the Send mail as section
  • To the right of your nameclick on the edit info link
  • In the Edit email address window, place a radio dot next to the empty field below your name
  • In the empty field, type in your name in the way you want it to be displayed for your email recipients
  • Click on the Save Changes button



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