What should I do if I am experiencing a slow Internet connection?

If you are experiencing a slow or problematic (drops/disconnects) Internet connection, we want to know about it! Bates has a robust wireless and wired network infrastructure, and you should not be experiencing any speed or service issues.

If you are experiencing problems, please provide us with the following information:

  • Create an IT Help Desk Service Request and provide us with the following information listed below in a note
    • If you have already contacted the IT Help Desk, you can access your IT Help Desk Service Request, create a note, and provide us with the following information listed below


  • The specific location of where you were experiencing the issue
  • The day and time of where you were experiencing the problem
  • The type of device you used to access the Internet
    • Windows Computer, Mac Computer, SmartPhone, Gaming Device, SmartDevice

  • Connection type
    • Wireless (WiFi) or Wired

  • If connected to WiFi, which network
    • Bates Secure
    • Bates Open
    • Eduroam

  • A brief description of the service or task you are trying to accomplish (watching Netflix, checking email on Gmail, trying to play an online game) and the problem you are experiencing

With the device you are experiencing problems with your Internet connectivity, please visit the following two websites and provide us with the results of your tests:





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