How does a Meeting Host change their Zoom Web Conferencing Screen Sharing preferences to allow Participants to share their screen without requiring Host action?

Changing the Share Screen Default Setting –

  • Using a web browserlogin to
  • In the left column under Personalclick on the Settings link
  • To the right of the Personal column, several new links will appear, click on the In Meeting (Basic) link
  • Scroll down to the Screen sharing section
  • Change the default setting for Who can share? to All Participants
  • Click on the Save button
  • Logout of your Zoom Dashboard

Providing Share Screen Permission to Participants during a Video Conference –
During an in-session Zoom Web Conference, the Host can provide instant access to the Share Screen feature for any Participant

  • At the bottom of the Host In Session Zoom window, you will see a toolbar with options like Mute, Video, and Share Screen
    • If you don’t see the toolbar (hidden), you may need to nudge your mouse on the bottom of the window in order for the toolbar to unhide

  • Click on the up arrow "^" to the right of the Share Screen feature
  • pop-up menu will appear, click on Advanced Sharing Options…
  • Under the Who can share? section, select All Participants
  • Close the Advanced Sharing Options… window
  • Notify your Participant that they can now share their screen



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