How do I update the Zoom Desktop Client (MacOS)?

Updating the Zoom Desktop Client on a Mac

Option 1:

  • Open the Application Folder or launch Mission Control
  • Locate the Zoom/ application
  • Double click on the Zoom application to launch it
  • On the top-right of the Zoom Desktop Client, click on your picture or initials
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Check for Updates
    • If updates are available, click on the Install button

Option 2:

  • Launch your Google Chrome web browser
  • Navigate to
  • From the Download Center, click on the download button under "Zoom Client for Meetings"
  • Open the Zoom.pkg
  • Follow the prompts for installing the Zoom Desktop Client for Mac

If you encounter any problems, please contact the IT Help Desk by submitting an online ticket request.

  • Login using your Bates username and password
  • Request TypeUserEntered -> Web Entered Ticket -> Zoom Support
  • Enter a Ticket Subject
  • Enter your Description
  • Click on the Save button
  • Logout by clicking on the green disconnect button located on the top-right the window



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