Bates College Storage Locations

Data Classification Level
Considerations for storage options.

Google Suite

Backup and Versioning – Google Suite (Google Drive) does not provide back up and versioning.  If you may need the ability to revert to previous versions of the documents you create, you should not use Google.

Access, Control and Ownership – Google allows individual users the ability to change sharing permissions.  While this is convenient, it also poses risk of accidental sharing of data.    Additionally, the original creator of a document in Google becomes the owner.  This causes operational issues if/when that creator leaves the college.

Remote Access – Google Drive provides easy remote access to any files, from any network connected device.

College Netshares

The two college network shares (china and belfast) are for groups to share common files.  Before placing a file in the share, you should consider whether it needs to be shared.  The network shares should not be used as a backup method for your assigned computer.

Backup and Versioning – Documents on the college network shares are backed up and provide versioning.

Access, Control and Ownership – User need to request IT to make changes to share permissions.  This is less efficient than self managing, but provides a double check on the permissions.

Remote Access – Remote access is permitted to college network shares.  This access is provided via VPN and only permitted on college owned devices.


Backup of Local Files

The College provides licenses to backup software (Crash Plan).  The software runs in the background on a computer and backs up specified files and directories.  This service works at any location with an active network connection.


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