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July 29, 2020 10:18 am

(Security Update) Zoom Waiting Rooms and Passcodes

On September 27, 2020, Zoom will require all Zoom Web Conferences ("Zoom Meetings") to have either a Waiting Room or a Passcode enabled for enhanced meeting…


July 28, 2020 3:26 pm

How do I add closed captioning to a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar?

In order for your Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar to be closed captioned, you must record your session to the…


July 15, 2020 1:00 pm

How do I obtain a copy of Microsoft Office that I can install on my personal computer?

Bates Faculty, Staff, and Students are eligible for a free download of the current version of Microsoft Office 365 for…


July 10, 2020 9:54 am

Is there a standard computer configuration that is recommended for students?

We do not have standard recommendations for computers for students. No academic program at Bates College requires students to have…


June 8, 2020 2:21 pm

What software is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for Free or at an Educational Discount?

Bates provides access to well over a hundred different software applications in support of teaching, learning, research, and the administration of the…


May 4, 2020 12:50 pm

How do I update the Zoom Desktop Client (MacOS)?

Updating the Zoom Desktop Client on a Mac Option 1: Open the Application Folder or launch Mission Control Locate the Zoom/ application Double click on the Zoom application to launch…


May 4, 2020 12:42 pm

How do I update the Zoom Desktop Client (Microsoft Windows 10)?

Updating the Zoom Desktop Client (Microsoft Windows 10) Connect to the Bates VPN If you do not have access to…


April 24, 2020 2:27 pm

How do I enable Two-Step Verification for my Bates DocuSign Account?

Activating Two-Factor Authentication for your Bates DocuSign Account: Login to your Bates DocuSign Account Click on your Profile icon, located on…


April 21, 2020 10:35 am

My Zoom Web Conference button (Make it a Zoom Meeting) sometimes disappears from my G Suite Calendar.

If you have installed the Google Chrome Zoom Scheduler Extension to schedule Zoom Web Conferences from within your G Suite…


April 3, 2020 4:19 pm

How do I disable the ability to record Zoom Web Conferences (Local and Cloud)?

Disabling Local and Cloud Recording – Using a web browser, login to In the left column under Personal, click on the Settings link To the right of the Personal column, several new links/headings will appear…