IT @ Bates: Just for You – Class of 2021

Welcome Class of 2021!

The Bates College IT Help Desk Team would like to take this opportunity to Welcome the Class of 2021! We have prepared this web page to provide you with the basics of what you should know before arriving at the campus this Fall.

Please take an opportunity to visit the Bates College IT Help Desk website. This website contains all kinds of useful information about IT @ Bates. If you have any questions, please feel free to check out our FAQs, which answer many common questions the IT Help Desk receives.

Over the summer the IT Help Desk receives many phone calls and emails regarding your access to the Garnet Gateway and to your Bates G Suite Account. Visit our getting started guide on Usernames, User IDs, Passwords, and PINs. This guide explains the two sets of credentials you will frequently be using while you are at Bates.

Commonly Asked Questions

IT @ Bates: Just for You – Class of 2021!

+Garnet Gateway

+Email/Network Credentials

+Other Important Resources

+Your On-Campus Arrival