ILS Resources for Students Learning Remotely

If you or your professor falls ill, you may need to attend lecture or get your classwork completed remotely. Below is some information to help you accomplish that more easily. 

Being prepared and testing your computer beforehand is key to working remotely. Please make sure to test your equipment from your residence hall, and if possible, from an off-campus location. If you are not sure that your computer is ready for you to work remotely, you may make an appointment with the IT Help Desk to have them perform a health check of your computer.

Check your computer to make sure everything is working properly and that the software and files you will need while working remotely are available to you. If you do not currently use your Google Drive, we recommend this great resource for saving and sharing your files.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit the IT Help Desk home page and visit our FAQ’s or contact the IT Help Desk at

We’ve listed the resources below to help you determine what tool or set of tools will work best for you:

Resources – Learning Remotely

E-Support Options – Requesting and Receiving Help while Off-Campus

If you need technology assistance or library assistance while you are away from campus, the following e-resources provide various options for finding and requesting assistance.

IT Help Desk:

Ladd Library:

Zoom – Video Conference and Recording Software

Interactive video conference system (permits students to participate in class remotely).

If you are planning to learn from a remote location using video conferencing software such as Zoom, please test your laptop’s speakers, microphone, and camera. These items will be crucial to you in having a successful video conference.

Beginning with Zoom –

Download and Install the Zoom Client

  • Launch a web browser
  • Go to
  • Click the blue Download button under Zoom Client for Meetings to access the installer
  • Open the Zoom installer from your Downloads folder and follow the on-screen steps to set up your Zoom Client

How to Join a Zoom Class/Meeting

  • Join using the Provided URL
    • Open the email, Lyceum course, or communication that contains a Zoom meeting link for your class/meeting and click the URL to join the Zoom Meeting
  • Join Using Meeting ID
    • Launch a web browser
    • Go to
    • Click on the Join a Meeting button
    • At the Join a Meeting window, type in the Meeting ID provided to you by your professor
    • Click on the Join button
    • You will next be prompted to Open
    • Click on the Open button
    • The Zoom client will now launch and your Zoom Meeting will begin
    • Click on the blue Join With Computer Audio button


Bates FAQ’s Zoom FAQ’s Zoom Video Tutorials

Thesis – Formatting Assistance with MS Word/G Suite Docs

Virtual formatting assistance with Microsoft Word or G Suite Docs is available through the use of Zoom. Please contact Lee Desiderio, Instructional Support Manager to setup an appointment.

Note: All Bates Students have a free Zoom Basic Account. Just use your Bates Username and Password to sign-in.

Contact Information:

Lee Philip J. Desiderio, Instructional Support Manager
Office: (207) 786-6181
Mobile/Text: (207) 577-3070
Zoom Personal Meeting ID:

Virtual Desktop – Access Computer Lab Software

Through the use of the MyVPN Web Service (, individuals may remotely access Bates Computer Lab Software that otherwise may not readily be available.

Please Note: This is a shared resource, when you are done using this resource, please Sign Off.

Connecting to a Virtual Desktop from Off-Campus

  • Launch a web browser
  • Go to
  • Login with your Bates Username and Password
  • Under the HTML5 Access Sessions, click on MyVDI Shared
  • Your Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Desktop will now load

Disconnecting from a Virtual Desktop

  • Click on the Microsoft Windows 10 Start button
  • Click on your Profile Icon and click on Sign out
  • Click on the Door icon on the top right to Sign out

Course Lists – Communicating with your Classmates

If you need to send an email to all your classmates within a given class, please use an email course list.

Course Lists:

Lyceum QuickMail:

Lyceum – Bates Learning Management System (LMS)

Accessing Lyceum:

Classroom Capture – Recorded Classes & Lectures

If your faculty member has recorded their lecture using Classroom Capture, the link will be placed within their course in Lyceum.

Library Proxy – Access Library Resources from Off-Campus

The Library Proxy Service provides access to library resources, journals, and databases from off-campus. When you attempt to access a resource from off-campus, you will be prompted for your Bates Network username and password (no set up or configuration is needed for your computer). Please access these resources from the Ladd Library web page and do not attempt to access a resource directly from the vendor’s website.