IT @ Bates: Just for You – Class of 2024 and all returning Bates Students

Welcome Class of 2024 and all returning Bates Students!

The Bates College IT Help Desk Team would like to take this opportunity to Welcome the Class of 2024 and to all returning Bates Students! We have prepared this web page to provide you with some valuable information to get you started with IT @ Bates. Please take an opportunity to visit the Bates College IT Help Desk website. This website contains all kinds of useful information about IT @ Bates. If you have any questions, please feel free to check out our FAQs, which answer many common questions the IT Help Desk receives.

Commonly Asked Questions

IT @ Bates: Just for You – Class of 2024 and all Bates Students!

Virtual Desktop – Access Computer Lab Software Remotely

Through the use of the MyVPN Web Service (, individuals may remotely access Bates Computer Lab Software that otherwise may not readily be available.

Please Note: This is a shared resource, when you are done using this resource, please Sign Off. Connecting to a Virtual Desktop from Off-Campus

  • Launch a web browser
  • Go to
  • Login with your Bates Username and Password
  • Under the HTML5 Access Sessions, click on MyVDI Shared
  • Your Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Desktop will now load

Disconnecting from a Virtual Desktop

  • Click on the Microsoft Windows 10 Start button
  • Click on your Profile Icon and click on Sign out
  • Click on the Door icon on the top right to Sign out

IT Help Desk Resources:

Zoom Meetings – Video Conference Software

Getting Started with Zoom:

Welcome Bobcats!! As we prepare for the start of the semester, Zoom Web Conferences (Zoom) is one of the tools we utilize to host or join Zoom Meetings and Webinars. As a Bates student, the college provides you with a FREE Bates Zoom account.
To get started, visit and click on “Just login to your account.” Login with your Bates username and password (the same username and password you would use to access your Bates Gmail account.) Once you login, TEST your account by clicking on, then click on the Join button.
Once your Bates Zoom account has been created, the next time you are prompted to login or if you login from the Zoom Website, please use the SSO (Single Sign-On) option, or you may encounter issues with joining a Zoom Meeting or Webinar hosted by Bates.

IT Help Desk Resources:

Requesting Technology Assistance – IT Help Desk

If you need technology assistance, the following resources provide various options for finding and requesting assistance.