Service Catalog – Zoom

Service Name Zoom
Aliases Skype, Video Conference
Description Web conferencing that includes audio or audio and video.  Bates College currently supports the Zoom software platform only.
Audience Students, Faculty, Staff
Service Levels Basic information about service availability, maintenance windows, levels of support available, what users can expect from this service, etc.
Requirements Customers must either be in a space equipped with the appropriate equipment or using a computer with the appropriate equipment.  This equipment includes a microphone and/or web camera and/or headphones and speakers.
Service Charges $0
Requesting the Service Basic accounts are free and available to all faculty, staff and students.  For an upgraded Pro account, contact the Support Contact.
Support Contact Service Desk.  207.786.8222 or
Feedback Mechanism
Status Production
Service Cost $4,000 for 40 Pro accounts.
Service Owner The person who is accountable for the delivery of the end-to-end service. This accountability slices across functional areas.
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