Service Catalog

Administrative and Business

+Alumni and Advancement

Alumni portals and services that support university advancement and

Athletics administration, recruiting, procurement, and ticketing
+Auxillary Systems

Services outside the core administrative systems that support auxiliary
or ancillary campus systems, activities, and operations.
+Document Imaging and Management

Electronic document-management services.
+Faculty Information Systems

Services that support faculty administration, review, promotion, and
+Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems

Administration and maintenance of enterprise systems (integrated or
stand-alone) that support financial management, human capital
management, and procurement.
+Library Systems

Services for library systems that provide access to local and remote
information in support of teaching, learning, and research. Includes
acquisitions, catalog, circulation, serials, a public user interface,
interlibrary loan, discovery tools, etc.
+Medical and Health Systems

Services that support clinical processes, including health-record
management, pharmaceutical data, medical appointment scheduling,
residency placements, and more.
+Reporting and Analytics

Business intelligence platforms, data warehouse, dashboards, analytic
tools, transactional reporting, and operational data stores.
+Research Administration Systems

Services in support of systems used to secure funding, manage
funding, conduct research, and facilitate compliance.
+Student Information Systems

Services to support admissions, enrollment, registration, orientation,
financial aid, student accounts and collections, advising, and career

Communication and Collaboration


Technology-enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration
services that facilitate the creation, sharing, and exchange of
information and ideas within communities of interest. Includes social

Online conferencing services other than teleconferencing.

+E-Mail and Calendering

Services associated with e-mail, calendaring, contacts, broadcast mail,
enterprise-wide mailing list management, and messaging.
+Emergency Notification

Services in support of campus alert systems.

All services associated with telephony, including voice services,
teleconferencing, etc.

Broadcast services.

Services related to websites, including content management systems.

Endpoint Computing

+Endpoint Support (Desktops, Mobile Devices, etc

Loaner Laptops for Students+
Information and Library Services does not provides loaner computers for students. Students who have unique needs or accommodations should contact the Assistant Dean of Accessible Education and Student Support, Associate Dean for International Student Programs in the Dean of Students Office or Assistant Dean of Students for Student Transition & Support in the Office of Intercultural Education. The deans will work with the students to determine the appropriate accommodation and, if necessary, with Information and Library Services for the equipment and/or software.

Loaner Laptops for Faculty and Staff+
The Bates College Help Desk provides loaner computers for faculty and staff when their primary work computer is out of service. These loaners are given to faculty and staff by the technical support team at the help desk. There are no “reservations” for loaned laptops as they are given on as needed basis when a computer is out of service.

Computing Packages offered by ILS+
Information and Library Services provides a single computer for faculty or staff. The option of a desktop or laptop is available, and that option should be discussed between supervisor and employee. Likewise, the option of a Mac OS computer, or a Windows computer is also given, and the choice should involve a discussion of needs to accomplish assigned duties. ILS is available for consultation when making this decision. The packages can be viewed here.

Support for all types of end-point devices and associated operating and application software.
+Network Access

Provisioning of access to networks, ensuring security and appropriate

Copy, scan, fax, and printing services, including applications for
managing these services, such as print quota systems
+Software Distribution

Distribution of software and licenses via media, online methods, and
license servers.


+Data Center

Maintenance of physical data centers, including co-location services,
planning, and strategy for data center management.

Includes hosting and administration of databases.

Services in support of the layer between the operating system and the
end-user application. This may also include the layer that connects

Monitoring services for IT services and underpinning technology.

Includes maintenance of infrastructure items required to offer network
connectivity; does not include support for end users to access the
+Server Infrastructure

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of servers, physical and virtual.

Back-end technology and services required to maintain core storage
capabilities, including server storage, database backups, etc.; does not
include customer-facing storage options.

IT Professional Services

+Application Development

Tools, services, and products that support the ERP, the mainframe,
mobile application development, and custom application development,
including tools built into ERP and mainframe systems, as well as
integration with third-party systems.
+Consulting and Advising

Guidance services on how to leverage technologies and select
technology solutions, including those in the cloud.
+Business Continuity and Disaster

Business continuity consulting and planning and disaster recovery
planning, including disaster recovery exercises.
+Enterprise Licensing

Negotiation, acquisition, and management of licenses for technology
broadly used throughout the institution.
+IT Service Management

People, processes, and tools that enable service management. This is
a supporting service.
+Portfolio and Project Management

Project portfolio management and project management services. These may be a supporting service.

Training services for end users on IT applications and systems.


+Advanced Applications

Services for applications that could include plotting, scientific
visualization, modeling, rendering, animation, graphics programming,
and image manipulation.
+Lab-Management Systems

Services to record and track lab experiments, equipment, and
+Research Computing

Computing and storage resources and services to support research
that has specialized or highly intensive computation, storage,
bandwidth, or graphics requirements.

Graphics, visualization, and virtual-reality facilities and services in
support of research application areas such as biomedical engineering,
chemistry, space weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics,
archaeology, and fine arts.


+Identity and Access Management

Services relating to authentication, access, role-based provisioning,
+Secure Computing

Services that provide a secure computing environment for end users.
Includes network security, system security, application security, etc.
+Security Consulting

Consultative services, training, education, and awareness raising.
+Security Incident Response and Investigation

Services that respond to, remediate, and seek to prevent security
+Security Policy and Compliance

Services relating to institutional policy or compliance guidelines and
requirements. Includes support for audit processes.

Teaching and Learning

+Assessment Systems

Services in support of assessing learning outcomes.
+Classroom Technology and Support

Services to ensure classrooms are suitably equipped and functional to
meet the needs of the education experience.
+Educational Technology Consulting and Training

Services to ensure that faculty and other course creators have the
knowledge and assistance they need to optimize their effectiveness in
using teaching and learning technologies.
+E-Portfolio Sites

Services for e-portfolios, which provide a way for students and faculty
to showcase their work and academic accomplishments.
+Learning Management Systems

LMS services in support of managing and sharing course materials
(e.g., videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) and facilitating learning
through collaboration.
+Lecture Capture

Services for recording, storing, editing, and publishing course lectures.
+Technology-Enhanced Spaces

Technology-Enhanced Spaces