Alexis Baldacci

Alexis N. Baldacci

Lecturer in History




I am a historian of Latin America with a particular interest in the Cold War period. My research and teaching focus on questions of citizenship, power, and equity. At Bates, I teach a range of classes that cover Latin American history from before European contact to the present.

My current book project examines the nature of political participation in revolutionary Cuba and the popular legitimacy of the revolutionary state through the lens of consumer and material culture. I argue that the consumer economy was a crucial arena where state and citizen interacted on a daily level and in which state representatives and average citizens used austerity, access to goods and services, and everyday needs to make claims on one another. My findings can help shape our understandings of the limits of Cuba’s state-led women’s liberation movement and the ability of oppositional voices to counteract the totalizing impulses of state communism.


HI/LS 181: Latin American History: From the Conquest to the Present

HI/LS 213: The Cuban Revolution

HI/LS TBA: The Latin American Cold War