Block Housing

2019-2020 Information is currently being updated to this page. The full list of spaces will be updated in February 2019.

Block housing allows students to form their own residential experience by choosing a small group of individuals to live adjacent to them. Block housing is different from tradition group housing as the individual rooms or spaces may not be shared, but form a neighborhood of rooms.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, due to student interest, we have expanded our block housing options:

  • Smith will continue to have two full towers designated as upper-class block housing. In the remaining tower, the second and third floors will also now be block housing options. In Smith, the towers will continue to consist of 8- and 4-student blocks living in two-room doubles. For example, a 4-person block will consist of 2 suites, with 2 blocks on each floor. An 8-person block will occupy the entire floor of the tower.
  • Stillman house will be designated as an 8-person block.
  • The second and third floors of Rzasa will also each have an 8-person block option.