Group Housing

The 2019-2020 Group Housing Applications closed on Wednesday, March 6th at 4:00 p.m. For information for 2020-2021 please check back in January 2020.

Group Housing consists of suites and triples selection. Suites are available in 10 Frye Street, John Bertram Hall, Turner, and the Village: Moody, Rzasa, and Hopkins. Triples are available in Cheney, Frye Street Union, Moulton, Nash, Page, Parker, and Rand.

Group Housing: Suites & Triples Process

Monday, January 21, 2019 All On-Campus Housing Applications open via HouseCat
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Applications close at 4:00 p.m
Thursday, March 7, 2019 Suites & Triples selection times released by 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 9, 2019 Suites & Triples Room Selection
Selection Times Begin: 8:00 a.m.
Room Selection Closes: 4:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the group sizes for Group Housing?

Only groups of 6, 4, or 3 students are part of Group Housing.

How are Group Housing selection times calculated?

Only 6 person,  4 person, and 3 person VERIFIED groups will be given a selection time. Time slots will be generated by averaging the individual time slots of the group members. Individual time slots are random by class year. Only the group leader can select the space and assign beds.

How do we actually pick a room online? 

We  highly suggest reading the How to Select a Room page for valuable information on applications and room selection. To watch a video showing you how choose a suite or triple room, click here.

How long will my group have to select a space?

We want to provide each group with as much time to select their housing as possible. The time slot you are given is your START time. You can take as much time as you want, but please be advised groups will continue picking. Once you click into a room, you will have two minutes to confirm beds.

What if my group does not like any of the available options?

Your group is not required to select housing during your time slot. If you do not want to live in any of the available spaces, do not select a space. You can disband your group and select an alternate type of housing during the Block or General Room Selection.

What if there are no available spaces for a group of my size? 

If there are no spaces left for a group of your size, you are able to disband your group, re-form, and select a different type of space. This process must be managed via the roommate group area of the HouseCat Portal (step 6) and include all necessary steps from adding members to verification. To watch a video showing you how to manage and reform roommate group, click here.

Can I join another process if my group does not get a triple or a suite?

If you were unsuccessful in securing a suite or triple in Group Housing, you may regroup to be part of Block Housing, Doubles, or Singles. If you selected a space in Group Housing, you are done with the room selection process and are not eligible for any other process.

Selecting a Suite or Triple

During the Group Housing Room Selections, students will be able to sign into suites and triples with their intended roommates. The room selection will occur online through the HouseCat portal, and will be based on student’s HouseCat applications and roommate group size.

Important: Prior to the group housing room selection, be certain that your roommate group is the same size as the type of group housing you intend to join (e.g. three people for a triple; six people for a six-person suite.) and is VERIFIED.

Room Selection Process
1. Group leaders create group and manage membership.

If an intended roommate has completed their application, the group leader can add them to the application.

If an intended roommate has not yet completed their application, that group member can add themselves to the group after they complete their application. Or, the intended roommates can add themselves to the group when they create their application. The group leader must share the group name and password to enter the group with their intended roommates so that they will be able to add themselves.

2. Group leaders verify group.

As new members join, group leaders need to continually verify the group to be certain that membership is correct. If a group is not verified, the group leader will not be able to select housing during the room selection process.

3. Group receives lottery number and room selection time slot.

After all groups are verified and the application window closes, groups will receive their room selection time slot. Time slots will be generated by averaging the individual time slots of the group members.

4. Group selects housing during room selection time.

During their designated room selection time, the group leader (with consultation from group members) will select the group’s housing from available options on the HouseCat portal. It is the group leader’s responsibility to select housing for the group. If a group needs to change their group leader, they may do so in the same location where they manage group membership (HouseCat step 6). Groups will only to be able to select housing in spaces where their group size exactly matches the number of beds available.

Note: Housing selection is binding. Once you have confirmed your selection on the HouseCat portal, you will not be able to change your housing.

To watch a video showing you how choose a suite or triple room, click here.

Group Housing Options**

6 Person Suites

(2 Doubles, 2 Singles)

  • Hopkins 323
  • Hopkins 333
  • Hopkins 343
  • Rzasa 232
4 Person Suites

(4 Singles)

  • Moody 122
  • Moody 131
  • Moody 132
  • Moody 141
  • Moody 142
4 Person Suites

(1 Double, 2 Singles)

  • 10 Frye 107
  • 10 Frye 207
  • Hopkins 314
  • Hopkins 331
  • Hopkins 332
  • Hopkins 341
  • Hopkins 342
  • John Bertram 104
  • John Bertram 203
  • John Bertram 303
  • John Bertram 304
  • Moody 112
  • Moody 113
  • Moody 123
  • Moody 124
  • Moody 133
  • Moody 134
  • Moody 143
  • Moody 144
  • Rzasa 234
  • Turner 1*
  • Turner 2*
4 Person Suites

(2 Doubles)

  • Hopkins 312
  • Hopkins 313
  • Hopkins 322
  • John Bertram 102
  • John Bertram 105
  • John Bertram 106
  • John Bertram 202
  • John Bertram 205
  • John Bertram 206
  • John Bertram 301
  • John Bertram 302
  • John Bertram 305
  • John Bertram 306
  • John Bertram G02
  • Rzasa 213
  • Rzasa 214
3 Person Suites


  • 10 Frye 105
3 Person Suites

(1 Double, 1 Single)

  • 10 Frye 202
  • 10 Frye 303
  • Cheney 5 (Quiet)
  • Cheney 37 (Quiet)
  • Frye Street Union 6
  • Moulton 31
  • Moulton 32
  • Page 210
  • Parker 115
  • Rand G22

* newly available for 2019-2020 selection

** spaces may change after RCs are placed

Note: some spaces have been held aside for Residence Life Staff placements. Our office reserves the right to edit this list at any time.