Meet the Educators

Who are the Peer Health Educators?

The Peer Health Educators are Bates students who are passionate about a range of health and wellness topics and are dedicated to working from within the Bates student community, in partnership with the office of Residence Life and Health Education, to make a positive change in the lives of Bates students. The educators have diverse backgrounds, majors, personal interests, and engagements across campus. Becoming a Peer Health Educator does not require any prior knowledge or experience in health promotion, just a positive attitude and a willingness to learn! Meet our educators below!


Lindsey Adriaansen `21

Hi, I’m Linds from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I am a Psychology major, and I am minoring in both Education and Anthropology. I am the President of the club lacrosse team on campus. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, running, swimming, and boxing. I am a scuba diver, and I enjoy traveling, and this past semester I was abroad in Melbourne, Australia. I joined Peer Health during the short-term of 2018; this year, I am working in the nutrition group. I am very passionate about being active and staying healthy. I enjoyed helping plan Sex Week this year, and I can’t wait to work on it next year.

Svea Althausen ’24

Hi! My name is Svea Althausen and I am in the class of 2024! I love being outdoors and spending time with my family! I live in Reno, Nevada. I am working in the mental health and sexual health groups. Health is extremely important to me! I am interested in public health, and that is what pushed me to be involved in this program!

Beth Annese ’23

Hi! My name is Beth and I’m from Needham, Massachusetts and I am in the class of 2023. At Bates I am on the Cross Country and Track and Field team. Outside of running I love to do anything outdoors, spend time with my friends, and pet as many dogs as possible! I joined Peer Health because I want to do my part in making Bates a happier and healthier place for everyone. Within Peer Health, I am in the nutrition group and I’m looking forward to continuing the great work the program as done!

Ellie Boyle ’22

Hi Y’all! My name is Ellie (she/her) and I am a double major in Neuroscience and English with a Creative writing concentration. I’m from Gary, Indiana (no we do not have a music conservatory), but I feel very close to my birth city of Chicago. I joined Peer Health during my first semester of Junior year because I wanted to be more involved in public health programs that can have an impact on my fellow classmates. In my free time, I love to draw and cook.

Kayla Braverman ’21

Hi, I’m Kayla! I am from Seattle and I’m in the Class of 2021 here at Bates. I am a Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies double major. Outside of class, I love traveling, animals, the ocean, doing crafts, and eating chocolate. I’m a huge advocate for breaking down barriers to health education, so I’m so excited to be working with Peer Health in the sexual health working group!


Joanna Cloutier ’23

My name is Joanna Cloutier and I am from Portland, Oregon (west coast best coast)! I am in the class of 2023 and am in the Mental Health working group. I am a Psychology major at Bates and am also on the Women’s soccer team! I was drawn to Peer Health Educators because I had heard about the work that they were doing and wanted to be involved. However I was specifically drawn to the mental health side of things because, on college campuses especially, I believe that mental health is not given enough priority. I was also excited to work to break down mental health stigmas and, in general, bring people factual, relevant, and fun ways to improve their health!

Charlotte Collins ’22

Hello my name is Charlotte Collins, I am part of the Class of 2022. I am a Bio major from Woolwich, Maine. I am part of the sexual health working group and I joined Peer Health after attending programs during Sex week of my freshman year. I have always been an advocate for increasing sex education and decreasing sex stigma on campuses, and after realizing that I could really make a difference in those areas as a Peer Health educator, I joined right away. To come full circle, I helped to plan Sex Week 2020 and the first program I led was Sex Ed 101! In addition to Peer Health, I am part of Coldfront (The women’s Ultimate Frisbee team), TakeNote, and American String Band.

Mary Corcoran ’22

Hi! My name is Mary and I’m a Sociology major and Spanish/Education minor from Brookline, MA (actually JUST outside of Boston). At Bates, I am on the cross country and track & field teams, work at the Center for Purposeful Work and love to spend as much time as possible vegging in Commons and chatting with friends 🙂 I joined Peer Health Educators in the Fall of 2019 because I see health and wellness as a priority in our Bates community and wanted to join a group of motivated and energetic peers who are leaders in that work! Within PHE I am in the Mental Health working group and very excited to continue the awesome work to come!

Katherine Faulkner ’22

Hi! My name is Katherine Faulkner from Barrington, Rhode Island. I am a Biochemistry major, Spanish minor at Bates College, class of 2022. I love to spend time with friends, travel, hike, and ski as much as possible. Right now, I am currently learning how to skateboard, which is going questionably okay. Although I am on the pre-med track, I am most interested in public health which led me to working with the Peer Health Educators. I have been part of this group since the Spring of 2019 and am excited to continue more programming!

Eliza Fischer ’21

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Hi! I’m Eliza and I’m from Chicago! At Bates, I’m a Math and English double major and I am on the Varsity rowing team. In my free time (which is not a lot) I like to read books to kids at McMahon Elementary, ski with my friends, and hang out for hours in Commons! I joined Peer Health in the fall of 2018 and I love collaborating with my peers to come up with programming to help Bates be a healthier and happier place!!

Ellie Garnett ’22

Hello! My name is Ellie Garnett, and I am a member of the class of 2022. I am from Old Greenwich, Connecticut, and I am a Psychology major and a History Minor. I am a big proponent of student health and well-being, especially mental health having had some of my own struggles. Some of my favorite activities include singing in choir, playing golf (often with my dad), crafting, consuming historical media (books, television programs, and films), and, of course, spending quality time with my friends! This is my first year joining the Peer Health Educator team, and I look forward to working with my peers in the nutrition working group.

Darby Glenn ’22

Hi! My name is Darby Glenn and I am a sophomore from Charlotte, NC! I am a member of the sexual health and this year I helped organize Sex Week Trivia as well as Condom-Cabs across campus. I love to row, swim, fight for reproductive rights, and travel around the world.


Julie Jesurum ’22

Hi! I’m from Weston MA and I’m a Biochemistry major. I joined Peer Health Short Term of 2019 and have mostly worked in the Substance and Alcohol working group. I love being part of a group that is addressing health issues that students are directly experiencing on campus, and having conversations that are often avoided and uncomfortable. During Sex Week 2020, I helped out with a program that created space to talk about asexuality which was a really nice conversation to have. I love music from singing in TakeNote to playing french horn and trumpet to DJing for WRBC. I’m excited to keep working on programming in the future!

Amelia Keleher ’21

Hello! My name is Amelia and I grew up in a small town in New Mexico until my family moved to The Netherlands, where we lived for eight years. I am majoring in American Studies, which has allowed me to pursue my interest in cultural and regenerative food systems. I spend a lot of time reading for pleasure, playing tennis, and practicing the piano. I joined Peer Health as a sophomore and have enjoyed working with and learning from such an incredibly dedicated group. I am currently part of the Sexual Health group and believe strongly in bringing a holistic, inclusive, and creative lens to our work. Please approach me with any questions or ideas you may have- I’m happy to chat and eager to welcome new educators to our team!

Gretchen Lindenfeldar ’23

Hi! My name is Gretchen and I’m in the Class of 2023! I’m from a small town in New Jersey called Pennington. I joined Peer Health to make a bigger impact in the Bates community! My favorite thing about being part of Peer Health is getting to know a bunch of different kinds of people.

Sophie Martens ’23

Hi, my name is Sophie! I’m from Scarborough, Maine and I am part of the class of 2023. I’m a biology major and I am on the Women’s Soccer Team! I am so excited to be a part of Peer Health Educators this year and especially to be in the mental health working group. I believe that now more than ever we need to come together as a community and provide support in many areas including mental health. I hope to make an impact in this club through helping improve the overall wellbeing of the Bates community!

Susu McGrady ’22

My name’s Susu McGrady, and I’m from Madison, Connecticut but am now living in Falmouth, Maine! I joined Peer Health in the second semester of my sophomore year, and I am thrilled to be a part of this passionate group of students working to support the health and well-being of the Bates community! As a member of the sexual health working group, I had the opportunity to help organize Sex Week 2020 and am already looking forward to Sex Week 2021! My favorite programs so far have been Anal 101 (credit to Meghan and Austin) and Paint and Wine night (credit to Relationship to Substances and Alcohol working group)! I’m a Psychology major, and I like to focus my studies on the connection between mental health and physical health as well as nutrition and exercise. On campus I am also a tour guide and a member of the women’s ice hockey team. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to learn more about health and well-being, program organization, leadership, cooperation, communication skills and so much more through Peer Health and I hope that through Peer Health I can promote healthy habits that help Batesies to be their best self!

Andrew Murdock ’21

My name is Andrew (he/him/his). I am a senior biochemistry major and dance minor from Gloucester, MA. At Bates, I love being a member of Circus Club, volunteering at the local clinic, and doing some crazy experiments with the Bates Chemical Society. Outside of Bates, I enjoy participating in community theater. To me, Peer Health is a way for me to learn more about living my most healthy life. As a member of this team, I hope to navigate healthy living with the rest of the Bates community so that we can all thrive to the best of our abilities.

Sophie Nahirny ’22

Hi! My name is Sophie and I’m a junior psychology major from Brookline, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston…classic). On-campus, I am on the ultimate frisbee team, the club ski team, and work at the ronj! I love campus dogs, cold ocean swims, and random adventures. I am on the mental health team for peer health and I am excited about helping to better the Bates experience for students!

Lily Nygren ’21

Hi there! My name is Lily Nygren and I’m a senior biology major from Scarborough, Maine. I am so excited to be a Peer Health Educator because I think creating a community at Bates to promote and amplify health is important. I’m a member of the nutrition working group and love being involved with strategies to inform peers about ways to fuel our bodies in order to feel our best. On campus I am also a Senior Fellow in Admissions, a member of the soccer and club ice hockey teams, sunshine society, and helicase biology club. Fall is my favorite season and my favorite food is my mom’s homemade french bread!

Jared O’Hare ’23

Hey everyone! I’m Jared ’23 from Hamden, CT and I’m super excited to be working with Peer Health. Outside of the classroom at Bates, you can find me spending time in the great outdoors or playing pickup basketball with my friends. With Peer Health, I’ve worked in the nutrition group and have developed a passion for understanding how food can fuel our bodies. I can’t wait to continue promoting health and wellness strategies and ideas in relation to nutrition at Bates.

Alexia Perugini `22

I’m from Guilford, CT. At Bates, I am an intended Neuroscience and Math double major, though I am incredibly interested in Ancient Greece and Rome. I love to read, write, and am of the opinion that dark chocolate is the best chocolate, hands down. I joined the Peer Health Educators in Winter 2019 and am extremely excited to help improve the wellness of the Bates community.


Mary Richardson ’22

Hello! My name is Mary Richardson (some call me Maru) and I am a Peer Health Educator, and I work in the Nutrition Group! My first program would’ve been the Aphrodisiac Cooking Class had it not been canceled due to COVID-19, but I’m now working on some ways to keep people motivated through the PHE Instagram! I hail from Blue Hill Maine and am on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams here at Bates and am a part of the class of 2022 (WOOT WOOT!!) I am a Psychology and Art and Visual Culture double major, my spirit animal is a baby lion, and I own my own card business; selling my greeting cards at local shops and bookstores in my area!


Ian Robertson `21

Hey there – my name is Ian and I’m a Math and Music double major in the Class of ’21 from Annapolis, MD. I’m a member of the Nutrition working group. As a member of Peer Health, I have enjoyed meeting passionate people and working together to help our peers live healthier lives at Bates and beyond. To maintain my own health, I enjoy getting outside to go for a run, hike, or ski trip as well as singing with the Deansmen, playing music with friends, and multi-track recording my own compositions.

Abby Ryan ’21

Hi! My name is Abby (she/her/hers) and I am a senior studying sociology and education. When I am not at Bates, I am spending my time at home in Portland, Maine. In my free time I enjoy running and hanging out with my family and friends. At Bates you can catch me cheering on my friends at sporting events and hanging out on Alumni walk when it’s nice out. I joined Peer Health because I am passionate about cultivating a campus full of health and wellness in all sorts of different ways!


Katia Ryan ’23

Hi! I’m Katia and I’m from upstate New York. On campus you can most likely find me leading yoga classes or dancing on the quad to Buena Vista Social Club before my 8am. I am undeclared, but I very much enjoy my French classes and spending time at the Spanish table on Mondays. I am super grateful to be a part of Peer Health this semester because now more than ever we need to come together! I look forward to creating spaces and activities on campus where Batesies feel comfortable sharing and learning about what wellness means to them and others. See you around campus!

Sophia Zhang ’23

My name is Sophia Zhang, Class of 2023. I am from Kunming, China. I love cooking, dancing, and napping. I am a member of the mental health working group. The reason why I joined is pretty simple. Mental health is an area that demands more attention as it has actively impacted so many people. As a Psychology student who is eager to help build a stronger and healthier community at Bates, I want to spread awareness and increase conservations around this topic to demystify and destigmatize it. I am also very proud of our work during Sex Week.