Sex Week 2020

We are excited to celebrate Sex Week 2020 with the Bates community. Sex Week aims to:

  1. Normalizing conversations and communication about sex, sexuality, pleasure, and sexual health
  2. Embracing sexuality and increasing accessibility to sex education
  3. Increasing awareness of and literacy about sex and sexuality-related resources on campus
  4. Educating on the social construction of sex and sexuality (and how this differs in different cultural contexts)
  5. Intentionally focusing on inclusivity throughout all programming initiatives

Sex Week 2020: March 9th – 13th

Monday, March 9th

SPARQ! Out2Lunch: The Fluidity of Sexuality

12 – 1 PM, Commons 226

Join the SPARQ! Peer Mentors in a conversation about experiences in exploring sexuality and labels. The goal of the program is to not only normalize conversations about sexuality and labels, but to also provide a safe space where these conversations can happen openly and honestly. Student-only event.

Condom Races

1 – 2 PM, Fireplace Lounge

Stop by Fireplace Lounge on your way out of lunch and join the Peer Health Educators in a fun, interactive activity learning about the proper way to use an external condom. Competition may be tough, so get ready to race!

The Sexiest Dessert: Cupcake Decorating

4 – 6 PM, Fireplace Lounge

Kick off Sex Week with Dining Services and the Peer Health Educators! Swing by the Fireplace Lounge for cupcake decorating — complete with penis and vagina sprinkles —  on Monday, March 9th from 4:30 to 6 PM. Don’t forget to stop by on your way to or from dinner!

Sex Week A Capella Concert

8 PM, The Mays Center

No description needed – except that there will be amazing a Capella from the Merimanders, the ManOps, TakeNote, the Deansmen, and Crosstones. And of course, there will be cookies and chai! 


Tuesday, March 10th

(A)Sexuality: An Informal Conversation

4 – 5 PM, Commons 221/222

This program will provide a space for informal conversation(s) and questions about (a)sexuality. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding amongst students about (a)sexuality and how it is experienced on campus so that (a)sexuality becomes more prominent in conversations, programming, and campus-based initiatives about sex, sexuality, and sexual health. Led by Peer Health Educators.

Faking It: A Discussion About Orgasms and Faking Them

8 PM, Commons 221/222

What are orgasms? How do people have them? Do people fake them – and if so, why? Join the Peer Health Educators for a discussion about orgasms and perspectives on if, why, when, and how people have or pretend to have them.


Wednesday, March 11th

Not Your Parents’ Sex Ed: Sex Ed 101

6 PM, Commons 226

Want to talk and learn about sex and communication in an easy-going, non judgemental atmosphere? Come to ask questions, learn, and have a conversation with peers about pleasure, communication, and basics of sex – led by the Peer Health Educators. 

Sex Week Trivia

8 – 10 PM, The Den

Think you know a lot about sexual health? Think you don’t know anything about sexual health? We’ll ask questions, you’ll guess answers, and everyone will leave knowing more about how to keep your body healthy and ready for safer sex. We’ll talk about contraceptives, STI testing at Bates Health Services, and how to have the best and safest sex possible. There might even be some prizes and free food.

To sign your team up, click this link! Teams should be no more than six people. 


Thursday, March 12th

Butt This Wasn’t in Sex Ed: Anal 101

7 PM, Commons 221/222

Most of us have never had any sex education related to anal sex, butt this workshop aims to change that! Come learn about all things anal sex- including pleasure, safety, and fun! There will be many prizes up for grabs!

Friday, March 13th

Medicine and Sexual Health: A Panel with Doctors from Bates Health Services

1 – 2 PM, Commons 226

Join doctors from Bates Health Services (BHS) and Peer Health for a conversation about sexual health, sex, and sexuality. Learn about the services offered at BHS related to sex, the new at-home STI testing kits, and have a discussion about medical training related to sexual health. There will be time at the end for questions from the audience.

SexQuest: A Gaming Collaborating Between the Discordians and Peer Health

7 – 10 PM, Hirasawa Lounge (in Chase Hall)

Join the Discordians and the Peer Health educators for a game night centered on sex positivity and destigmatizing honest conversations about relationships. We are offering a variety of board games and conversational games about honesty, healthy relationships, and navigating intimacy as a young adult. This event will include a talk about sex positivity by Peer Health educators, and a variety of fun games to learn and talk about with your friends. No experience with role playing board games necessary!