Sex Week 2021

Sex Week 2021: April 28 – May 1

We are excited to celebrate Sex Week 2021 with the Bates community! Sex Week aims to:

  1. Normalize conversations and communication about sex, sexuality, pleasure, and sexual health
  2. Embrace sexuality and increasing accessibility to sex education
  3. Increase awareness of and literacy about sex and sexuality-related resources on campus
  4. Educate on the social construction of sex and sexuality (and how this differs in different cultural contexts)
  5. Intentionally focus on inclusivity throughout all programming initiatives

All Week Long

Prize Giveaway!

When you attend a Sex Week event, you will have a chance to enter a giveaway to win a raffle! We have several prizes available, including self care items, sex toys, books, and more!

Wednesday 4/28

Not Your High School Sex Ed

7 -8 PM, Pettengill G52

What did you learn in high school sex ed? More to the point, what did you not learn? Join the Peer Health Educators in a conversation about pleasure, anatomy, and all the different ways you can have sex with yourself and with a partner! The goal of the program is to not only normalize conversations about sexuality and different sex practices, but to also provide a safe space where these conversations can happen openly and honestly. Submit your questions anonymously ahead of time through this survey. Prizes will be available for participants! 

What Is Sex Positivity?

Social Media Spotlight

Follow us on Instagram @batespeerhealth for information about what sex positivity means and how to practice it! Also keep an eye out for stickers and posters throughout the week! 

Thursday 4/29

Exploring Sexual Identities Discussion

6 – 7 PM, Pgill G21

This program will provide a space for informal conversation(s) and questions about (a)sexuality. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding amongst students about (a)sexuality and the spectrum of sexual orientations, and how they are experienced on campus so that (a)sexuality becomes more prominent in conversations, programming, and campus-based initiatives about sex, sexuality, and sexual health. Led by Peer Health Educators.

Take-home STI Test Kits

All day, Underhill Testing Center and Pettengill Lobby

When was the last time you got tested? Routine STI screenings are an important part of maintaining your sexual health, if you are sexually active and especially if you have multiple partners. The CDC recommends yearly testing for those under age 25, so Peer Health and Bates Health Services are making it easy! Pick up one of our at-home tests, read the instructions, and drop off your sample at BHS to be tested. And when you drop off your sample, enter a raffle to win a Forage gift card!

Friday 4/30

How to Buy a Sex Toy

Social Media Spotlight

Are you interested in exploring a new form of self-pleasure? Thinking about buying a sex toy, but not sure where to begin? Our all-inclusive guide will help demystify how sex toys can be an important part of a self-care routine, where to find one (that you can afford!), and what type of toys may be right for you! Information available in brochure form at our events and online – follow us @batespeerhealth !


Sex Week Trivia

7 – 8 PM, Memorial Commons (Chase Hall 133)

Think you know a lot about sexual health? Think you don’t know anything about sexual health? We’ll ask questions, you’ll guess answers, and everyone will leave knowing more about how to keep your body healthy and ready for safer sex. We’ll talk about contraceptives, STI testing at Bates Health Services, and how to have the best and safest sex possible. There might even be some prizes and free food.

RSVP by filling out this form! Enter solo or with a team of up to 4 people.