Hotel Housing Student Services Overview

For the fall 2020 semester, the residence for a cohort of students will be the Hampton Inn at 15 Lincoln St., Lewiston ME 04240. Specific information about the facility is available here. Staff at the Hampton Inn are excited to welcome students to the facility and to partner with Bates in providing a safe and supportive residential environment for the upcoming academic year.   

Bates staff members will be on site for student support.

Residence Life staff from Bates have been working closely with staff at the Hampton Inn to plan for students to move in. Familiar faces, as well as a few new ones, will continue to work closely with students to make sure that your needs are being met. Residents will have access to dedicated staff to respond to needs on site. 

Shuttle service to campus will be provided.

Shuttle buses will run regularly between the Hampton Inn and the main campus.  Currently, the bus between campus and the Hampton Inn runs on the following schedule: 

  • Monday-Friday service to campus from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM
    • From 7 AM- 8:30 AM there will be two vans that will take students to campus.
    • From 8:30 AM- 1:00 AM there will be a van outside of the hotel and another outside of Chase Hall.
    • Students do not need to call from their rooms for rides, they should check to see if the van is present, and wait for 5 minutes or so before calling, as a van is more than likely returning.
  • Saturday- Sunday, 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM
    • There will only be one van in service, and it will be working to maintain a schedule of being at Chase Hall on the hour, and at the hotel on the half hour. The van will also be making runs to certain shopping destinations which are conveniently in close range to campus.

When a student needs to call for a ride, they should call (207-786-8300). We request that phone calls be limited so as not to interfere with other operations which the Campus Safety dispatcher performs; please do not make repeated calls to check on ETA after a ride request has already been made with a confirmation that the driver will be sent, and try to limit the number of calls being made from a group request. The additional volume of calls does not speed up the service, and it may hamper other important aspects of the Campus Safety operations. 

Due to the COVID-19 precautions, there is currently a limit of (6) passengers in the van, and no riders are being allowed in the front seat. The amount of passengers per trip is subject to change based on any updated interpretations of CDC information pertaining to the pandemic and local transmission of the virus. Windows are apt to be open for air circulation and ventilation even as the weather gets colder, so it is recommended to be prepared and dress accordingly to the outside temperature.  

In an emergency situation, the Campus Safety office can assist at all hours.    

Laundry service will be provided.

Because students will not have access to large scale laundry facilities at the Hampton Inn, laundry service will be offered to residents. A laundry service will pick up and return clean and folded items. Each student will receive a personalized laundry bag to facilitate this process. There is also a coin-operated machine at the Hampton Inn for items students need to wash items immediately. Additional information was shared with residents via email. 

Students will have access to hotel amenities.

Students will have access to hotel amenities including the pool and fitness room. These spaces will supplement spaces that students will have access to on campus and provide opportunities for students to support health and wellness needs while at the Hampton Inn. 

  • Parking will be available on site.

Students will have access to network services, including printing services on site.

Staff in Information & Library Services have been working to provide upgraded network access and access to dedicated printers. Each room has a Bates Secure network access point.

Meals will be provided on campus.

Breakfast will be provided on site at the Hampton Inn. Students will have full access to meals in Commons. If a student is in quarantine in the hotel, meals will be delivered to the hotel. 

+FAQs: Quarantining at the Hampton Inn

Will sheets and towels provided?

Yes. Sheets and towels can be found in the hallway of your floor.

Is there a shuttle for students to get to campus?

Shuttle buses will run regularly between the Hampton Inn and the main campus.  Currently, the bus between campus and the Hampton Inn runs on the following schedule: 

  • Monday-Friday service to campus from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM
    • From 7 AM- 8:30 AM there will be two vans that will take students to campus.
    • From 8:30 AM- 1:00 AM there will be a van outside of the hotel and another outside of Chase Hall.
    • Students do not need to call from their rooms for rides, they should check to see if the van is present, and wait for 5 minutes or so before calling, as a van is more than likely returning.
+FAQs: Hotel Facilities & Services (Rooms, Common Spaces, etc.)

Will each student have their own desk?

Yes. We are currently working on moving additional furniture into hotel spaces.

Will rooms have amenities commonly found in hotel rooms?

Yes, all rooms will have a microwave, mini-fridge, and TV. Rooms are also climate-controlled.

Will students be cleaning their own rooms/bathrooms?

No. Bathrooms will be cleaned weekly by hotel housekeeping staff. Provided that floors are clear of personal items, floors will also be vacuumed in rooms.

Will sheets and towels be provided?

Based on recent student feedback, sheets will now be provided, as well as one pillow. Clean linens will be available weekly through the laundry service. Students should bring their own towels.

How will other hotel spaces be cleaned?

Common spaces in the hotel like hallways, elevators, etc. are cleaned according to typical hotel management practices. For more information on cleaning practices, please visit:

Will students be able to decorate their rooms?

Yes. We want students to feel at home here, just as they would in an on-campus room. Students will have to adhere to the same regulations for decorations as all students. Those regulations can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

How much storage space is there?

Room sizes at the Hampton Inn are consistently larger than similarly designated rooms on campus. As always, storage varies based on how students make use of available space. Students will have a similar amount of furniture and storage as they do in on-campus dorms. The bed frame styles in the hotel will unfortunately not accommodate under-bed storage.

Will other hotel guests be present at the Hampton Inn?

Bates students will have exclusive access to the second and third floors of the hotel, and other hotel guests will stay on different floors. The Hampton Inn is following all state regulations for transmission risk management. Specific protocols for hospitality services can be found on the Hampton Inn website.

In addition, the State of Maine has transmission risk management policies in place for people traveling from high transmission areas, and for travelers staying in lodging establishments. For more information on the Keep Maine Healthy plan, please visit:

Will students have access to printers at the hotel? Will the wifi be sufficient?

Bates is providing printers to the Hampton Inn for student use. Bates has also increased the capacity of wifi at the Hampton in anticipation of increased student usage.

How will students access their rooms?

All students living in the hotel will access their rooms using a key fob, which can be put on a keychain like a regular key. Fobs are more durable and secure than traditional hotel key cards.

What should students do after 10:00/11:00 on weekday/weekends when the shuttle service is no longer running?

Students needing after-hours transportation will be driven by Security. We will be monitoring usage in the early weeks of the semester, and may alter shuttle hours based on student need.

What is the parking situation like for students who have cars but are living at the hotel?

Parking will be available at the hotel, as well as on campus. Students need to go through the Bates parking process to receive a parking sticker. All students living at the hotel who plan to bring a car or bike must complete this form to notify us.

What about storing a bike?

Students with bikes can store them at the bike rack outside the Hampton, or inside their rooms if they prefer.

+FAQs: Access to Other Campus Resources

How will students access the gym/fitness facilities?

Access to Bates facilities is the same for students living at the hotel. As regulations allow, students will have access to an additional facility on site at the Hampton Inn.

How will students access Ladd Library?

Students living at the hotel will have the same access to Ladd Library as other students. If you are studying late and miss the last shuttle from campus, you may call Security for a ride back to the hotel.

How will dining be handled for students living in the hotel?

Students will have access to all meals on campus as well as the breakfast served onsite by the Hampton Inn. For students in quarantine, meals will be delivered by Dining Services.

Where can students who live in the hotel eat on campus, if all meals are grab-and-go?

Dining Services will be opening the upstairs mezzanine in Commons exclusively for students living at the hotel.

+FAQs: Residence Life at Hampton Inn

Will there be RAs/RCs at the hotel?

Yes! Hampton Inn will have comparable Residence Life representation as other Bates housing locations, including live-in professionals to provide student support.

Will RAs/RCs be on call? How often?

ResLife staff members will have on-call hours Thursday and Friday evenings and on weekends. Residents at the Hampton Inn will also be covered by a campus-wide on-call system operated by our Office of Campus Safety.

How will conduct (noise, parties, etc.) be handled? 

Our first goal is always to set community norms that residents can buy into. So, effectively, our first approach to handling conduct issues is to build community. ResLife staff members in the Hampton Inn will also be able to issue warnings and refer students to Dean Steidel’s office for violating community standards.

+FAQs: Campus Safety at Hampton Inn

Will Campus Safety respond to the Hampton Inn?

Yes! Campus Safety will respond to calls and concerns for Hampton Inn student residents as they will for all students in Bates housing. 

 Will Campus Safety live at the Hampton Inn?

No. However, the Hampton Inn will have live-in professional staff members as part of the Residence Life team to support residents of the Hampton Inn.

Will LPD patrol the Hampton Inn? 

Hampton Inn’s security services are partnering with Bates Campus Security to expand coverage to student residences within the hotel. Interactions with LPD are not anticipated.

+FAQs: Student Expenses

Will students living in the hotel expect increased living expenses, such as vehicle maintenance?

No. If students are not comfortable using their own cars to get to and from the hotel, transportation is provided.

Will students need to order out more without access to on-campus dining?

Students living in the hotel should be able to get as much food as they need from Dining Services on campus. They will have the same access to on-campus dining as other students, and be able to take meals from campus back to the hotel with them. The Hampton Inn will provide breakfast at the hotel, so students may eat breakfast in either location.

+FAQs: Laundry Service

How will the laundry service work?

Students will put their dirty laundry in designated bins each Sunday night by 10 PM. There will be three bins – one for personal laundry bags, one for the provided linens and one for the provided blankets. Laundry will be picked up very early Monday morning. Clean laundry will be returned on Thursdays in the bins on each floor.

How do I get my clean items?

Your clean items will be returned to the hotel on Thursdays. You can pick them up on your floor. The three bins will be filled with clean items. You can retrieve your own labeled bag, as well as linens and a blanket if you had them cleaned that week.

When will the laundry service start?

The first pick up will be Aug. 31. Students need to have their dirty laundry in the appropriate bins by 10 PM on Aug. 30.

What goes in the laundry bag?

Clothes items go into your personal laundry bag.

Where do sheets and blankets go?

The sheets and blankets provided to you can be put in the bin on each floor labeled for linens. If you put in dirty linens on Sunday, you must pick up a new set on Thursday so you will always have two sets to rotate.

What if I miss the service and need to wash something?

There is a coin-operated laundry machine at the Hampton Inn for items that need to be washed immediately or outside of the service.