Moving Out: November 2020

End of Year Checklist

Many students may be preparing to leave for November break, or departing from campus early. With saying goodbye to friends and finishing up classes, you may forget some important tasks to do before you leave campus. We have gathered information from different campus departments here. Please connect with their website for more specific details.

Move out on time

All students must depart campus by 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 25.

  • The last day of in-person classes is Tuesday, November 24.
  • The last day of student COVID-19 testing is Tuesday, November 24.
  • The college dining program will end with brunch on Wednesday, November 25.

Please remember that parents and family members who may come to campus to help you depart for break are not permitted to enter residence halls or other buildings on-campus as part of our continued effort to limit congestion and contacts in buildings. Family members must also observe campus health protocols regarding masking and physical distancing. College restroom facilities in Chase Hall, Gomes Chapel, and the Ronj will be available to family members on the following days/times: Tuesday, Nov. 24 from 8:30am-5:00pm and Wednesday, Nov. 25 from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Leave your room “ship-ready”

We are currently planning to welcome students back to campus on January 8. However, please prepare for the chance that due to personal or public health reasons, you will not be able to return, and pack up your belongings. Take with you any essential and valuable items, including computers, jewelry, textbooks, musical instruments, etc.

All other belongings should be packed and left ready to be shipped home to you. Boxes, tape, and ID labels can be picked up at Post & Print now. You should make sure that anything you want shipped has an ID label on it. Check your address listed in Garnet Gateway and make sure it is up to date, as this is the address that your belongings will be sent to if the college cannot reopen in January. Please see the Post & Print page for more information about shipping and contingency planning for January.

If you have other questions about shipping items, please contact Post & Print:

What if I live within driving distance? Do I still need to pack everything?

If you are a local student, you should leave your room in a state that it can be easily moved out of in less than 30 minutes. You should prepare your room in whatever way helps you accomplish this depending on your lifestyle and amount of belongings. For most students, this is likely boxing up the majority of their items, or packing them in some other way. 

Our hope would be that the State of Maine would allow us to have local students pick up items in short, scheduled blocks if needed. However, as this would be a government decision, we can not guarantee this.


Store your items

You may utilize student storage spaces over the break. On-campus student storage spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please review the Student Storage Policy page. A list of on-campus storage areas can be found here. You may access a storage space by contacting the building custodian, or calling Campus Safety after hours.

For off-campus storage, students and families may contract with Dorm Room Movers for a full service pick up, storage, and drop off in the fall. Students may also see the Facility Services website for a list of local storage facilities. Students often share a space with others.

If you have additional questions about storage, please contact Facilities Services:


Take out the Trash & Clean

It is critical to ensure that there are no food items left behind in rooms or storage. Remove and dispose of all trash from your room prior to departure, especially anything that may smell or spoil if left behind. Please also unplug refrigerators and leave doors propped open. Take your trash and unusable items to the trash area, especially anything that may smell or spoil if left behind. Anything left in a room trash can, on top of a room trash can, in a trash bag, or in the hallway is considered trash and will be disposed of. If you have large broken items please throw them out to avoid chargesYou may utilize dumpsters available near dorms across campus.

Ask your custodian for trash bags, brooms, or vacuums to make sure your room has been left in broom clean condition meaning:

  • free of all debris
  • free of personal effects
  • swept clean after their belongings have been removed

There are a few other important things to consider:

  • Please be sure to take important or high value items with you. The college will not be able to sort through boxes to find and ship individual items to students, and instead will ship whole boxes upon request.
  • Store your bike before you leave! Information about bike storage can be found here.


Return your library items

Make sure you return your library books and media to stay free of fees. You can see the Fines & Replacement costs on the Library website.