Frye Street Union Programming Coordinator


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Main Responsibilities

  • Use the space in FSU for at least on program per week, either one of your own design or sponsored by another group on campus
  • Create programs for your residents and the campus within FSU
  • Meet with the custodial staff and appropriate members of the Office of Residence Life and Health Education to discuss the well being of the house
  • Attend meetings with the other residence life staff members as a building and as an entire staff


The goal of JARC programming is to offer residents a wide variety of exciting and engaging events within the residence hall, in the wider Bates campus, and in the surrounding community. Participating in these programs should help residents build a stronger connection with each other and create a positive climate within the residence.  Often times, our staff members will plan small programs for their particular center or residence, but programs can also be run in conjunction with another staff member or as a larger staff group. Residence Life staff members each have a small budget to help provide unique and well-received programs for their residents.

The Frye Street Union Programming Coordinator is required to offer at least three programs for their residents per semester, one of which must fit an educational theme.

Frye Street Union Programming Coordinator Resources