Face Covering Policy

Bates requires face coverings in all indoor and outdoor areas on campus.  Exceptions to the policy are:

  • Eating outdoors, when appropriate distance is maintained
  • Eating in designated indoor spaces, when appropriate distance is maintained.
  • Working in private offices and when working alone in closed (or contained) spaces on campus
  • Students spending time in their own residence hall room

This includes any type of mask or cloth face covering as described by the CDC. Face coverings are currently required in Maine in all indoor workplaces when employees are not at their individual workstations, and otherwise in all places where physical distancing is difficult, which is consistent with the Federal CDC’s strong encouragement of the use of face coverings in public to minimize the transmission of the virus via respirable droplets that are exhaled/inhaled when we breathe.

Please refer to CDC guidance for use and handling of face masks. Wash your hands before putting your mask or face covering on. Ensure it fits snugly against the sides of your face. If you have specific fit, training, or other questions on face masks, please speak with your manager or Jess Smith, Director of Bates Environmental Health and Safety (“EHS”). Several mask and face covering styles are available to ensure good fit.

Bates will provide access to face coverings for all employees, as needed, and they may be issued as part of one’s uniform in certain departments.  If you would like to make or purchase your own, the CDC has provided instructions on how to do so. If you need one, contact your supervisor/manager or EHS. The college expects that you will clean and maintain the face covering properly, in accordance with CDC recommendations and bring it to campus for daily use.  Cleaning your face covering in a washing machine is appropriate. 

Accommodations and Presumption of Good Faith

Accommodations will be made for those within our community who may not be able to wear a face covering due to trauma or underlying medical conditions. Employees requesting an accommodation for face coverings must contact Human Resources. It is not appropriate to ask an individual to explain an accommodation.