Pandemic Sick Leave Policy

Last updated June 13, 2022 – Policy Dated July 1, 2022


The Staff Pandemic Paid Sick Leave Policy is in place to ensure that all employees who accrue leave (and new employees who accrue leave going forward) have access to paid time off specifically for COVID-19 absences.  A COVID-19 absence is defined as: 1) the employee has tested positive for COVID and provided a copy of the test results to Human Resources, or 2) the employee is the primary caregiver for an individual who is subject to an order to either isolate or quarantine related to COVID-19.  A copy of the order of quarantine or isolation must be provided to Human Resources when requesting pandemic sick leave.

Amount of Bank

The Pandemic Paid Sick Leave Bank will be 10 days/80 hours, prorated for ¾  (60 hours) and ½ time  (40 hours) employees. The Bank will be available starting July  1, 2022, in advance of students and employees returning to campus. As circumstances warrant, the Pandemic Sick Leave Bank may be renewed at the beginning of future academic years.


Employees who experience a COVID-19 absence will submit proof of a positive test to Human Resources. The employee will be granted Pandemic Paid Sick Leave for time missed up to the amount of time they have in their Pandemic Sick Leave Bank.

If an employee’s Pandemic Paid Sick Leave Bank is exhausted and the employee remains absent, then regular paid time off will be used for the remainder of the absence up to the 30-day elimination period prior to beginning short-term-disability (STD). If the employee does not have sufficient paid time off to bridge the 30-day elimination period, then the employee will be placed on unpaid leave.

Employees do not have access to any Pandemic Sick Leave hours when completing their timesheet or leave report.  Employees  must report any Pandemic Sick Leave hours  to Human Resources who will record and process the hours with payroll.

All Pandemic Sick Leave hours will be entered by Human Resources.