Self-Monitoring Policy


Bates requires all employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (relying on CDC list of symptoms as well as advice from state public health officials). As stated in college communications throughout this pandemic, the college requires employees to stay home if they are sick.  Employees who experience the onset of symptoms (fever included) are required to notify their manager and Human Resources, and leave the workplace.

Positive COVID-19 Tests

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 are required to report the diagnosis to Human Resources ( or 207-795-5100) and department head within 24 hours. Similarly, employees are required to report to Human Resources if they receive an order from a state or local public health agency directing them to self-quarantine. All records regarding the diagnosis and report to Human Resources will be maintained as a confidential medical record.

Infected Employee Quarantine and Timeline Assistance

Bates will work with the CDC to determine the timeline of when infected individuals have been in the workplace, determine close contacts of infected individuals when in the workplace, and if feasible, ask close contacts to self-quarantine as appropriate per current CDC recommendations. Employees are expected to cooperate with the college in determining the timeline of presence in the office and assessing close contacts.

Pandemic Sick Bank

A Pandemic Paid Sick Leave Policy was implemented effective July 1 to ensure that all staff employees eligible for leave have paid time off specifically for COVID-19 absences. The details of this policy are available on the HR website and should be reviewed by all employees.

Returning to Work After a Positive COVID-19 Test

Employees are required to follow CDC guidance regarding discontinuing home isolation. Employees are also required to contact Human Resources to certify compliance with this requirement before returning to work.  Please reach out to Human Resources if you have questions.