Training & Development

Bates College recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the College.

2019 Enrichment Program Tuesday, June 11th – Thursday, June 13th

The Bates College 2019 Employee Enrichment Program begins on Tuesday, June 11th. You may view the Enrichment Program Catalog to review descriptions of the various sessions or the catalog for a quick overview of what is happening each day. Registration for the book talks begins on Tuesday, May 21st so that you can get your book sooner. Registration for the remainder of the sessions begins at 9:00 am on Wednesday May 29th through Garnet Gateway.

The College provides opportunities for professional development through training and educational programs.

The College will continue to offer employees opportunity for professional development with training programs on and off-campus. The cornerstones for a good training and development program are good job descriptions, and individual professional development plans. A professional development plan will outline for the employee and their supervisor where the individual’s and the College’s efforts should be best directed to enhance the employee’s potential contributions to the College. Professional Development plans ensure that the efforts of employees are connected to the mission and goals of the College.  Specific policies and eligibility requirements for education and professional development are outlined in the employee handbook.

The Human Resources Department can assist supervisors and staff members with creating and monitoring professional development plans and can also assist supervisors with designing and developing training solutions for their specific department and is responsible for campus-wide training programs.

Bates also participates in a statewide initiative that qualifies employees for some unique and exciting education benefits.

As the employee of a member of the Maine Employers’ Initiative, you qualify for discounts at several Maine institutions if you want to take classes or return to school to get a degree. FMI:  visit the Maine Development Foundation’s Maine Employer’s Initiative site.