Current Lab Members:

Brett Huggett Assistant Professor, Bates College PhD, Harvard University MS, University of Vermont BM, Temple University.

Niamh Micklewhite ’19. Senior These Student. Research on the vascular architecture of cycads.

Ruth van Kampen ’19. Senior Thesis Student. Participant in the Harvard Forest REU Program, researching the impact of drought on plant xylem structure and function.

Elly Bengtsson ’19. Senior Thesis Student. Research on plant-fungal symbioses.


Senior Thesis Students

Fall 2017: Paige Guevarra ’18 and Samantha Reiss ‘18

AY 2016-17: Emma Dunn ’17, Isobel Curtis ’17, Nathan Stephansky ’17, Alison Riccardi ’17.

AY 2015-16: Julia Fisher ’16, Rebecca Leloudis ’16

AY 2014-15: Erica Gagnon ’15



Craig Brodersen, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Jay Wason, School of Forest Resources Resources, UMaine

Andrew Richardson, Northern Arizona University

Morgan Furze, Harvard University

Jessica Savage, University of Minnesota

Cameron McIntire, University of New Mexico

Missy Holbrook, Harvard University

P.B. Tomlinson, Emeritus Harvard University

Tracy Magellan, Montgomery Botanical Center

Patrick Griffith, Montgomery Botanical Center

Paul Schaberg, USDA Forest Service and University of Vermont

Paula Murakami, USDA Forest Service