WinSCP SFTP: Install and Configure

WinSCP software for Windows is intended to be used to securely transfer files from local machines to the server from on or off campus. Directory permissions need to be handled separately. Contact Help Desk Services, x8222 or e-mail: to request permissions to a particular Bates web site, or if you have questions or concerns.

Download program from the following website:
Click on the download entry for the most recent stable version.

A. Open WinSCP. The initial site setup window appears.

If you want to add another new site, click Session, choose New Session

Enter the Host Name (,  for example), and your Username and Password
It is never a good idea to save a network password in any application

Set File protocol to SFTP.

  1. Click Login and say Yes to security warning (if any)
  2. When connecting to Paris (netapp), the path on the right side should be  /usr/netapp/username
  3. The path on the left side should point to the location of the file(s) to be transferred from the local machine (or, in the opposite direction, to pull down from the server to be edited on the local machine).
  4. The blue arrows can be helpful to move up or down among the directories on either the local or remote sides to show desired folders/files.
  5. Highlight folders or files to transferred, then press F5 to copy or F6 to move them to their destination.
  6. Transfer of file(s) should be indicated in the log box below, with the number of bytes successfully transferred
  7. Press F10to close the connection when the transfer is complete.TIP: Verify that the file has reached its destination and can be opened or viewed. Setting permissions for a new web file may be needed. Please consult: for details.